Why Guppies Float On The Surface

Why Guppies Float On The Surface
Why Guppies Float On The Surface

Why Guppies Float On The Surface
Why Guppies Float On The Surface

Sometimes lovers of guppies notice that their fish have changed behavior, and they constantly swim on the surface. What to do in this case, and with what it can be connected?

Before taking any action, you need to know that guppies are fish that live in the upper layers of water, so if they hover around the surface sometimes, then there is nothing wrong with such actions. But you should pay attention if guppies are near the surface constantly. There may be several reasons: lack of oxygen, poor water quality and various fish diseases.

Lack of oxygen

This is the most common reason why guppies tend to the surface of the water. If there is not enough oxygen, not only fish will feel discomfort, but also plants. they begin to wither and die. Why do guppies float on the surface, even if aeration is turned on? Perhaps its level is insufficient to provide all the fish with oxygen.

In addition, it must be remembered that the higher the temperature. the stronger should be aeration.

Poor water quality

Sometimes guppies behave this way if the water in the aquarium is of poor quality or has become swampy. If there is no filter and aerator, they should be immediately installed and in the future it is important to constantly monitor their work.

As a preventive measure, it is possible to add digran or antipar to water (how to add them and in what quantity, it is necessary to read the instructions for the preparation).

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Guppy Diseases

If the oxygen level is normal, the water is qualitative and not stagnant, filters and aerators are installed, and guppy aquarium fish still float on the surface, then the cause of this behavior is a disease that is not so easy to determine. According to experts, the "symptom of suffocation" characterizes many protozoal, bacterial and helminth diseases.

If only a part of the fish has surfaced, they should be urgently planted from the others, and then treated.

If all guppies behave this way, then it is necessary to treat all with antibiotics and aprotozoal preparations. Digran is added to the aquarium at the rate of ½ tablet per 100 liters, and Antipar. 1 ml per 40 liters. These procedures are carried out for about 2 weeks, then change ½ the volume of the aquarium and take the dosage of drugs in 2 times less. If the treatment is successful, then gradually the drug must be removed from the water, changing it periodically.

Thus, if you noticed that guppies began to constantly stay on the surface, first check the oxygen level and the condition of the water, and only then proceed to the treatment of individuals.

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