Why Fish Die In An Aquarium

Why Fish Die In An Aquarium

Aquarium fish. This is a hobby that can bring only positive emotions. What types of them just do not exist. huge and small, calm and not quite, schooling and solitary: anyone will be able to choose something for himself.

Most of them do not need special care, as they become quite popular pets, however, despite this, before you get these beauties, you should learn some rules, without which they simply die in the first hours of your home.

Fishes certainly need air. or rather, aeration of water; in the absence of oxygen, they, like any other living thing, will die. Before releasing the fish to the aquarium, you must ensure that it is clean, does not leak, and the materials from which it is made do not emit harmful substances. It would be nice to splash the aquarium with boiling water; it is necessary to do this with everything that will be inside, with sand, stones, decorations, and by all means defend the water for at least a day.

The main factors responsible for the death

It also happens that everything you need is done. But on the coming of several days, and, perhaps, the fish immediately began to die. It is necessary to figure out the reason for these ridiculous losses! The main culprit is the wrong adaptation of the fish.

After the acquisition it is forbidden to simply let the fish go to the aquarium; this may shock the animal and subsequently lead to death.

The next reason may be a lack of oxygen: this often happens, if the aquarium is small, and there are a large number of fish in it, or they are large, so consider the proportions. Another cause may be diseases. they may begin either before the purchase or after it due to a change in the “climate” position or due to a decrease in immunity. The fourth reason can be poisoning, most often. nitrogen compounds, that is, substances of disintegration of the vital activity of the fish, which is why the cleanliness of the aquarium should be given special attention. The fifth reason is tap water. If the human body is not very sensitive to the hardness of water and the content of chlorine in it, then for fish it can be a deadly factor!

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The sixth guilt of the death of the fish can not be noticed, and from what the aquarium fish die, do not immediately understand: it can not always be noticed immediately. We are talking about the aggression of neighboring fish, and to prevent these cases it is necessary to know the compatibility of fish species.

These are the main reasons that are most common among beginners. There are, of course, such as overfeeding, poor lighting, but they are usually quite rare. You need to monitor the state of the aquarium, water and fish in it, and your fish will bring you not only joy, but, quite real, and addition. Good luck!

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