Why Does The Water Grow Dirty In The Aquarium And Stink

A very interesting activity for many people is watching the life of fish. And there are people who are organizing for themselves the opportunity to go to the sea, the ocean and there to plunge into the life of marine inhabitants, but after that they have an even greater desire to get a homemade fish. Others immediately set up aquariums at home, and without rewards enjoy this observation.

The life of the fish is really interesting, only if it will be interesting in your home, depends only on you. In order for your pets to live comfortably with you, you will have to pay them a lot of attention, give their time to care for them. And in order to properly care you will always need knowledge.

In this article we will talk about such a problem as an unpleasant smell from an aquarium. How to deal with this phenomenon, what to do if the water is cloudy, etc. So, let’s begin.

Why Does The Water Grow Dirty In The Aquarium And Stink

Let’s talk about the unpleasant smell from the aquarium

First of all, you need to focus on the fact that if the water smells bad, this is only a consequence and a sign that you are doing something wrong in the care. After all, when the aquarium is normal, its water should have the fresh smell of a clean lake. The second thing that matters is the obligation to remove the reason why water smells. If you simply change the water, but do not understand the reason and do not eliminate it, then the smell will eventually return to your pond again and again.

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The water in the aquarium stinks. causes

At this point, you can see a lot of reasons why there was a smell in the aquarium. Some reasons can be considered elementary, but in many cases it is their correction that gives the result.

  1. Irregular water purification, replacement is not carried out and simply not proper care of the tank.
  2. Insufficient saturation of water with oxygen, from this water ages and the smell appears, quickly becomes cloudy.
  3. Wrong selection of plants for the aquarium.
  4. Too many inhabitants in one kennel. Fish and other residents do not have enough space for life.
  5. Overfeeding. Animals do not have time to eat all the food, as a result of food spoils and brings negative consequences.
  6. Feeding feed from manufacturers of dubious quality.
  7. The death of someone from the inhabitants of the reservoir. If the body was not noticed, but sank to the bottom and began to decompose, the smell can not be avoided.
  8. When establishing the reservoir was not made the necessary bacterial cultures.
  9. Feed clogged filter or filter defective for another reason.

Why Does The Water Grow Dirty In The Aquarium And Stink

The unpleasant smell of water in the aquarium and how to deal with it

And so, why the water in the aquarium stinks, we figured out, but what do we do and how to get rid of the smell that spoils the whole picture, we still have to find out.

In order to determine from what exactly the smell appeared in the aquarium, you will have to check all the reasons in turn. For each reason, it will be necessary to change the water separately.

  1. That is, if you remove more often in the aquatic environment, and you see that there is no more odor in the aquarium, then this was the reason. And what if you still can not get rid of the smell? The answer, look further.
  2. Try to change the feed. Just before trying to feed turtles and fish with other food, you will have to change the water again and clean the tank. Yes, you have to work hard, because how to get rid of something else.
  3. Overfeeding? It is also an option. Spend an experiment on fish, make a fasting day, try to give less food or feed in smaller granules so that the particles do not fall off when eaten, and the piece is small enough so that it can be eaten whole.
  4. Consult with a specialist, all the fish that live in your tank can live together, because with insufficient space and incompatibility of fish, snails, turtles, amphibians and reptiles, often someone can die. If it does not die, then the inhabitants of the aquarium produce feces with a characteristic aroma from the crampedness. From this, after a day or two, the water becomes turbid, begins to smell like a swamp.
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Turbid water that smells like swamp.

Moving on, and continue to explore why in the aquarium there is muddy water and how to remove it.

Why Does The Water Grow Dirty In The Aquarium And Stink


In many cases it is easier to prevent the appearance of muddy water with the smell of the swamp than to get rid of it. As a precautionary measure, experienced aquarium owners recommend that nurseries be nursed in the nursery of so-called orderlies: snails, speckled catfish, labo, Japanese pond shrimps, antsistrusy, etc. Thanks to such live cleaners, you will be able to keep your artificial biotope clean, beautiful and healthy for a long time.

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