Why Does The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium And What To Do

There can always come a moment when you see the fish lying on the bottom of the aquarium, coming up to it.

It is difficult to say that this is a frequent occurrence. But it is also impossible to name rare.

Consider the main reasons for which the fish are lying at the bottom of the aquarium.

Why Does The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium And What To Do

Relatively speaking, the causes of loss of fish in the sediment is divided as follows:

  • Water quality problem
  • Problem with water temperature
  • Diseases and infections
  • New Aquarium
  • Bottom fishes

Why do fish in the aquarium lie on the bottom

The main reason for which the fish sink to the bottom, is the poor quality of water in the aquarium. Actually, to call such a phenomenon a problem or cause is not entirely correct.

The bottom line is that the water parameters in the aquarium have changed dramatically, and the fish reacted negatively to their dramatic change.

A sharp jump in the acidity of the water, the hardness of the water, or the concentration of salts and minerals can cause an osmotic shock, the last consequence of which is fish that lie at the bottom of the aquarium.

Osmotic shock

Most often, osmotic shock overtakes new fish released into the aquarium without an acclimatization procedure. An osmotic shock is also provoked by an aquarist by adding feed for plants with dosing disorders.

The first thing that an aquarist does at the sight of fish lying on the bottom is to check the basic water parameters with special tests for acidity, hardness and nitrite.

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According to the results of these tests, the aquarist makes a decision about changing the water or adding special preparations from Tetra or Sulfur, which soften the water and eliminate the excessive concentration of nitrites, salts and minerals. Like Tetra AquaSafe.

Figuratively speaking, you should bring the parameters of water in the aquarium to the rate recommended for this type of fish.

Water temperature

If the fish lie at the bottom of the aquarium, but the parameters of the aquarium water are normal, then the temperature shock may be the likely cause of this behavior. Temperature shock is a sudden change in aquarium water temperature by 5 or more degrees Celsius.

Most often, the temperature shock is obtained by new fish released from the transport tank to the aquarium without appropriate temperature acclimatization. Most likely, the fish will come to life after a while, but will be prone to diseases and infections due to weakened immunity. Try to avoid this situation.

Diseases and infections

Many diseases of aquarium fish that affect internal organs in the terminal stage lead to the lowering of the fish to the bottom of the aquarium and subsequent death. It is extremely important to carefully consider the affected fish and its swimming relatives.

The change in color, bloating, unnatural bending of the spine, loss of scales and the appearance of spots on the body of the fish speak of a bacterial or infectious lesion of the fish.

Based on these symptoms, the aquarist identifies the infection and treats the fish accordingly, if possible. In any case, the affected fish is removed from the general aquarium to prevent an infectious outbreak.

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Diagnosing aquarium diseases is a difficult task, even for experienced aquarists.

Launch a new aquarium

The early launch of fish in a freshly run aquarium is fraught with osmotic shock, which I described above. As you remember, a high concentration of salts and minerals leads to the fact that the fish sink to the bottom of the aquarium. The value of nitrite reaches a high concentration due to the absence of a working nitrogen cycle, which is the norm for a new aquarium.

Why Does The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium And What To Do

It is strictly not recommended to run the fish in the just-launched aquarium. And the more fish you run, the more fatal will be the manifestation of a possible osmotic shock. To remedy the same situation, you should change the water or add Tetra or Sulfur preparations intended for quick launch of the aquarium.

Watching the fish at the bottom of the aquarium, you should immediately check the basic parameters of water, water temperature and carefully inspect all the fish.

Bottom fishes

There are types of aquarium fish, which are called benign fish, and for which the presence at the bottom of the aquarium is the norm. The most well-known species of benthic fish are catfish, loricarium and loachfish. Above is a photograph of a catfish lying on the ground.

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