Why Does The Aquarium Smell

The time comes, and the novice aquarist suddenly feels the unpleasant smell of a swamp in the apartment and the source of the smell will be the home aquarium.

It is difficult to say that the smell from the aquarium is a frequent phenomenon, but it is difficult to call it rare. I will analyze the main reasons for the appearance of unpleasant odors from the aquarium: swamps, mud, rotten soil and other amber.

An unpleasant smell from the aquarium appears when there is an abundance of bacteria of decay and decomposition. Bacteria decompose the organics of the aquarium to hydrogen sulfide, which has the smell of rotten. In an aquarium with stable biological equilibrium, bacteria are built into the nitrogen cycle, contributing to the decomposition of dead organic matter, and their number is regulated by the vital activity of aquarium plants and colonies of beneficial bacteria.

Why Does The Aquarium Smell

In the absence of equilibrium in a home aquarium, the amount of organic dirt increases and an increase in the number of anaerobic bacteria occurs, which leads to the smell of the swamp followed by the death of aquarium fish and plants. This happens in the following cases:

  • No maintenance aquarium
  • Weak aeration or lack of aeration
  • Low-power aquarium filter or no filtration
  • Overfeeding or expired feed
  • Overcrowding aquarium fish

The main reasons for the smell from the aquarium are the lack of maintenance of the aquarium, over-feeding and poor aeration.

What if the water in the aquarium smells like a swamp and stinks

First of all, thoroughly clean the aquarium from the accumulated dirt:

  • Siphon soil
  • Remove dirt from artificial plants, stones and decorations.
  • Substitute water

Do not forget to replace the water. The substitution of water reduces the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the aquarium and prevents the death of fish.

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The next step in the fight against odor from the aquarium is to increase aeration. Anaerobic bacteria do not live in water saturated with oxygen, therefore we add power to the compressor. If there is no compressor in the aquarium, then it’s time to buy it.

Remove and wash the aquarium filters from the accumulated dirt, so that the filter does not serve as an additional source of rotting bacteria.

Why Does The Aquarium Smell

For a few days, stop feeding aquarium fish or serve the minimum amount of feed.

Why does water smell in an aquarium?

We exclude live food in the form of moth completely.

An overpopulated aquarium is settling or increasing aeration and adding power to the aquarium filter. With proper care for the aquarium, overcrowding does not lead to water stagnation and the appearance of a rotten smell.

After doing these steps, leave the tank alone and perform a quarter-volume daily water change. It is necessary to re-establish in the aquarium the biological balance that prevents the decay of the aquarium and prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

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Why does the water smell and stink in the aquarium

An aquarium is a living environment in which natural processes occur regularly, so a light smell is always present, you should not be afraid of it. Another thing is when the smell becomes so strong and sharp that it can be defined as “putrid”. This is an alarming bell, which is worth paying attention to.

The most common causes of tang from the aquarium are:

1. Water spoilage from time to time
In the aquarium, it is necessary to perform a water change of 20–30% each week (max every two weeks). It is advisable to use separated water or water treated with air conditioning when replacing. This will help you avoid the smell of "old" water.

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2. Dead fish
As a rule, in a large aquarium or when there is enough fish enough to notice the loss of one individual is not so easy, especially if the body is somewhere among the scenery. In this case, you need to be very careful and when a dead fish is found, remove it as soon as possible, since the consequences can be in the form of not only an unpleasant smell, but also the development of many dangerous infections in the aquarium.

3. Decaying feed
The most common reason why water in the aquarium smells is food. Acting on the principle of "a lot is not enough" can only harm their fish. If you give too much food, its main part will remain undernourished and will actively rot, destroying the biological balance in the aquarium. It is necessary to remove all visible residues after feeding, in order to avoid this. Also, poor-quality feed can lead to water damage. Therefore, if an unpleasant odor is detected during or after feeding, it is worth switching to feed from another manufacturer.


Why does the water in the fish tank stink

Large amount of organic waste
Most often this is due to overpopulation of the aquarium. Do not forget that each fish needs a certain space to live, and overpopulation will certainly lead to rapid contamination of the aquarium with organic waste and, consequently, the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

5. Decaying plants
It is worth regularly monitoring the condition of living plants, as a rotting plant is an excellent material for the appearance of bacteria, which results in a strong unpleasant odor from an aquarium.

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6. Insufficient filtration and aeration.
Lack of filtration, as well as lack of oxygen can lead to an unpleasant odor. To avoid this, when you start the aquarium should choose the right equipment, taking into account the volume of the aquarium and further loading it with fish. A good filter (external and internal) and a compressor will keep the water clean for a long time.

What to do if the trouble still happened and your aquarium looks more like a small swamp:

cleaning of glasses and all surfaces in the aquarium where debris has accumulated (aquarium ties, plastic and ceramic decorations, etc.)
flushing of all filter elements (sponges and fillers) in aquarium water
cleaning the soil with a simultaneous replacement of water (from 20% to max 50% one time)
It is highly desirable to use air conditioners for water purification (such as Jbl clynol, Jbl clearol, Tetra crystal water etc.), as well as the introduction of a new portion of nitrifying bacteria (such as JBL FilterStart, Tetra bactozym etc.)
before establishing a biological equilibrium in an aquarium, it is recommended to reduce the amount of fish food

It should be remembered that the unpleasant smell in the aquarium is a consequence of an oversight. Overcrowding is possible, too rare water changes, fish overfeeding, or recent treatment. any of these factors can disturb the biological balance in your tank. And if the cause is not eliminated, an unpleasant smell may arise again.

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