Why Does A Fish Swim On Its Side?

Why does a fish swim on its side?

before our death, all the fish swam on their side ((((lately, so many goldfish povymerlo, can not find the cause. And it all started with the fact that they took turns hanging in some corner of the aquarium, and then started to swim on side, became immobilized. They even other fish pecked.

If we are talking about aquarium fish, there are many reasons for this. Maybe she eaten, as often happens with gold, as they are very voracious, and maybe they swallowed oxygen. More information about fish diseases can be found at www.agarium.ru or on other similar sites.

If the fish swims on its side, then this is a sign of swim bladder dysfunction. As a rule, this indicates that a swim bladder has a swim bladder infection or someone has injured it, this also happens. We need to make sure that this fish has not fought with others, because in a fight, fish can injure each other.

The reason for this behavior of aquarium fish can be several:

Why Does A Fish Swim On Its Side?

1) Overfed the fish or gave poor-quality food and she was poisoned, from this he had problems with digestion,

2) The water temperature does not correspond to the type of aquarium fish, perhaps the water is too warm,

3) A disease called gluegeosis, which also accompanies the formation of white spots and cones on the body of a fish. Unfortunately, this is not treated.

It is better, of course, to contact a specialist (veterinary clinic), I think they will be able to help with something.

Why Does A Fish Swim On Its Side?

The fish is floating on its side. a symptom of the infectious disease Glugeosis. The causative agent of the disease is sporotovik This parasite forms cysts in various organs and tissues of the body of the fish. Fish swallows spores of parasites with water. More fish appear cone-shaped protrusions and bug-eyed. There is no cure for this sore.

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I once barbs began to swim, rolling over on its side. They also often had a long quot; thread "quot; from the anus. They swam almost on the surface and, like a fish, did not try to go deep, it still lifted it to the top. Appealed to the vet and he gave the following recipe: metronidazole 1t per 10 liters furazidone 1t per 20 liters. After three days, replace the water with a new one and repeat it and do not forget to change it with a new one. Fish are alive. I want to add that the cichlid and the frog, living there and without the symptoms described, were not injured.

Small fishes begin to swim on their sides when they cannot sink to the bottom. They simply float. There are two reasons: lack of oxygen. turn on oxygen saturation devices, the second is that you haven’t changed the water for a long time, you haven’t cleaned the aquarium and you have been infected with dangerous pathogens of deadly diseases. Wash the aquarium and use an antibiotic.

Fish at death, you can say. if the fish is swimming sideways, probably a problem with the bubble, it is either damaged or the fish is sick. The swim bladder keeps the fish in a normal position for the fish, if not, then the fish got sick. This can happen due to stress.

May be due to the disease Diplostomatosis, parasitic small fish.

When a fish swims on its side, it asks you to put your finger in the water and scratch its belly)))

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But seriously, you need to watch her for a while until she dies, you still can’t do anything, you just have to check the feed, the compressor and the filter. Poor quality food can ferment in the water, the compressor can supersaturate the water with oxygen, the filter due to its overdue service life can breed harmful bacteria and contaminate new water. It is also necessary to clean the aquarium more thoroughly, it is possible that the parasites that feed your fish from inside are wound up in it.

Perhaps the reasons may be a large number and all different, because the fish. living organisms that are prone to diseases and various processes occurring inside. But most often such swimming of a small fish leads to its fast death. The fact is that people rarely spend money on the treatment of fish. So if the fish is very important and the loss will be painful, you need to contact a veterinarian. If all the fish are swimming on their sides, then the problem is most likely in the wrong conditions of their housing.

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