Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

If you notice that your fish is lying at the bottom of the aquarium, do not despair. this does not mean that she is sick, or is about to die. Look at it, maybe it does not lie at all, but swims and studies the bottom, or digs up the soil. Why fish often sinks to the bottom of the reservoir, and what the reasons may be for this. should be considered in detail.

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

Natural behavior

For some species of fish, lying on the bottom is a natural behavior. If a speckled catfish lives in your aquarium, or another type of corridor, you will notice how it floats in the bottom layer of the reservoir. It’s not scary, just all the corridors, and catfish, too, live only in the lower layers of water. As natural cleaners, they take uneaten food from the ground, scraping algae that have accumulated on its surface from the bottom.

Other species of fish also swim in the lower layers of the water. these are neons. As representatives of the Kharacin family, they are distinguished by their small size and sensitive body, which will irreversibly suffer with any damage. The safest place for them is the bottom of the tank, where they will be comfortable and safe.

Look at the unusual behavior of the surgeon’s fish.

You can see how the fish of the family of Viunovye and Tsikhlida often spend time at the bottom of the reservoir. As you know, they love to dig in the ground and dig water plants. For them, there are other types of "entertainment", but they are accustomed to this way of life. There are no signs of illness here, they are simply looking for something, perhaps food, or cleaning the body of accumulated mucus. For loaches, it is important to free the scales from mucus, wallowing in stones or gravel — otherwise, one cannot avoid inflammation of the skin.

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Many fish swim at night at the bottom of the aquarium. Why is this happening? Everything is simple. this is normal. Like many living creatures, fish prefer to sleep at night, although there are exceptions. They slowly drift in the bottom layers of the water, often with open eyes. And if they swim to the surface, then some pets can even be stroked.

Natural behavior. to be in the bottom water layers, when the fish recently settled in the general aquarium. For her, this is a new, unknown world that hides a potential danger. The adaptation process takes place in a secluded place where it is likely not to be noticed. This behavior is typical if you have settled goldfish, tsikhlidki, kartozubye or labyrinth.

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

When does a fish suddenly swim to the bottom?

Now it is necessary to understand the reasons when a fish that does not live in the bottom layers of water swims in the “bottoms”. Pay attention to how much food you give to fish. if your pets overeat, their stomach does not have time to digest all the food, and there is heaviness in the stomach. It is easier to move your stuffed belly to the bottom without rising higher. Overeating is followed by obesity, which is deadly for pets. Reduce feed to a minimum, and put the fish on a fasting diet.

Another reason for this strange behavior is a disease of the gallbladder and the digestive organs. Usually they are accompanied by other symptoms. For example, during infectious diseases, the fish begin to experience changes in the gastrointestinal tract. The fish is weakened, and begins to sink to the bottom. In case of hexamitosis, single-celled bacteria settle in the gallbladder of the fish, which aggravate its work. As a result, inflammation of the gallbladder, blockage of blood vessels and death will occur. Time to diagnose the disease and begin to treat pets.

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See how the fish has a swim bladder problem.

If the fish after the fight, or after active underwater games was on the bottom. examine her body. Perhaps she was injured and could not move. Unfortunately, such cases are almost incurable, but you can contact a specialist who can help. Large fish are better wounded than small ones.

Pay attention to the condition of the water. perhaps you forgot to clean the aquarium? Remember, when was the last time measurements were made of the parameters of the aquatic environment: temperature, acidity, hardness, the presence of nitrites and nitrates, ammonia and chlorine. If you find a violation. immediately correct. Under the wrong conditions, the fish sometimes swims on the bottom, and will wait for the moment when the water gets better.

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why Do The Fish Lie On The Bottom

The breakdown is another reason for such uncharacteristic behavior. If the water is excessively warm (above 25 o C), some species of fish (for example, goldfish) may be in the bottom layers, which is unusual for them. They will look for cooler water, which is exactly in the lower compartment of the tank. However, prolonged exposure to cool water can cause hypothermia, loss of strength, with concomitant health effects. Gradually heat the temperature of the reservoir to normal, then the pets will begin to swim higher.

Has your fish started to swim to the bottom and rub your body against gravel, rocks or sand? This is a clear sign of illness. Ichthyophthyriosis (semolina), holodonelez, trikhodiniosis. these are parasitic diseases in which fish with scales begin to rub against stones, bottom plants or decorations. Immediately place the fish in a quarantine chalice, and begin to heal them.

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And the last reason why the fish is at the bottom and can not rise. it is preparing for death. Before death, she can hide, behaves apathetic and indifferent to what is happening around. For the old fish is a habitual behavior. In this case, try not to panic, and in time remove the dead fish from the aquarium before decomposition.

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