Why Do The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium

Why Do The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium

Normal behavior

Why Do The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium

Each breed of aquarium fish is distinguished by its individual habits and behavior. A catfish seen at the bottom of an aquarium, for example, is unlikely to cause concern to its owner. These fish spend most of their time in shelters, they can burrow into the gravel and just inspect the bottom of their home. The reason that the fish lies at the bottom of the aquarium may be injured. Try to carefully examine her body. The fish should be transplanted into a separate container and ensure maximum care.

Loach and cichlids are fish that like to relax at depth after eating. In addition, these varieties of aquatic inhabitants are very curious, so gravel is an exciting environment for them, which must be examined and studied.

Most species of fish at night prefer to be placed at the bottom of the aquarium. If you suddenly turned on the light and saw the trivial dream of fish, then you should not look for cause for concern.

In addition, when transplanting to a new aquarium, fish can also spend quite a long time at the bottom. Habituation occurs gradually, so you should immediately prepare for the fact that even active creatures can fearfully cuddle up on gravel. One of the most common reasons for the massive accumulation of fish at the bottom of the aquarium is overeating. Learn more information about feeding, and if necessary, consult with experts.

Aquarium condition

If the fish that live in your aquarium do not differ in the bottom life, but constantly descend to the bottom of the tank, then special attention should be paid to the state of water and the efficiency of the equipment for its cleaning. It is likely that the cause of the deterioration of water quality are breakdowns or incorrect settings of the cleaners and heaters.

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The temperature in the aquarium should not exceed 25 degrees. Otherwise, the fish will be cooled at the bottom. If the water is too cold, then residents of the aquarium may experience discomfort in the form of a breakdown. To be on the surface of the water or move around the perimeter of the aquarium, they simply can not physically.

Fish behavior

Why Do The Fish Lie At The Bottom Of The Aquarium

Fish disease, often lying on the bottom, can be identified by a variety of symptoms. Try as closely as possible to observe their behavior.

If the fish rub against the gravel sideways or belly, then this can be considered the first sign of their disease. Immobile behavior of an active inhabitant of the aquarium may indicate its imminent death. In the presence of such symptoms, fish should be transplanted from the main group and try to be cured with additional additives to the basic diet.

Swim bladder dysfunction is the most common cause of a sharp deterioration in the condition of fish. It is very difficult to swim with such a disease, which leads to the constant presence on the bottom of the aquarium.

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