Why Do Fish Die In An Aquarium, And What To Do

Many novice aquarists sooner or later face the fairly common problem of fish death. Most often, aquarium inhabitants die because they are kept in the wrong conditions. If in the aquarium every biological process will go on harmoniously, then the pets will practically not be susceptible to diseases and will cease to die. The answer to the question of why these tiny individuals die can be found by carefully studying the aquarium.

For the normal life of the fish in the aquarium, conditions must be created that resemble the natural reservoir as much as possible.

The fact is that in the aquarium conditions should be created that resemble the natural reservoir as much as possible. It must be cleaned in time, illuminated with high-quality artificial light. Fish should receive the necessary amount of oxygen. In an aquarium it is necessary to install a high-quality biofilter, place live plants in it.

Fish die in the aquarium for several reasons.

  • the presence of water of poor quality in the aquarium;
  • improper adaptation to new conditions;
  • the presence of the disease.

Why does bad water affect health? The answer is simple: it may contain too much nitrogen compounds. This element stands out as a result of the vital activity of the fish and due to the insufficient level of water purification in the aquarium. Fish die as a result of the presence of nitrate, nitrite and ammonium in water. All of them are poisons, especially toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Many aquarists carefully monitor the oxygen and food requirements of the fish, but what they don’t do is not paying attention to their stool. As a result, the amount of harmful elements in the water increases and the fish die. You shouldn’t wonder why aquarium pets die if the water has become turbid and has an unpleasant rotten smell. This is the main indicator of the presence of nitrogen compounds in water.

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Sometimes, the bacteria infect the filter filler, so it must also be thoroughly cleaned. When using a biofilter, you should not turn it off for a long time, because it is a living organism that also needs oxygen for its continued existence. Such aquarium filters are cleaned very carefully, so as not to wash off colonies of beneficial microorganisms.

The most common reason why fish are dying is a large number of inhabitants in one aquarium or too frequent and abundant feeding. This leads to the fact that part of the remaining feed begins to rot and decompose. Aquarium fish almost never die of hunger, but overfeeding does much more harm than underfeeding.

What are the most dying fish?

Most often the fish die in such cases:

  • the presence of a new aquarium, in which biological balance has not yet developed, while the fish die regularly and massively in the first few weeks after launch;
  • the addition of new individuals to an already operating aquarium, in which there are already a large number of fish, such overpopulation causes death;
  • breakage of the filter and overfeeding fish.

To prevent the death of fish is still possible. If a new aquarium has appeared in the house, it will be necessary to make several water changes. In this case, the water must be defended throughout the day and changed to a quarter of the volume of the aquarium. If the fish, as before, die, before finding out the reasons, it is necessary to reduce feeding to a minimum or not to feed at all.

Why Do Fish Die In An Aquarium, And What To Do

Many aquarists carefully monitor the oxygen and food requirements of the fish, but what they don’t do is not pay attention to their stool.

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Having noticed at least a few dead fish in the aquarium, it is necessary to check for overpopulation. For this it is necessary to relocate unnecessary individuals to another container. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the filter: make sure that it does not overheat and works without interruption.

Fish death due to improper adaptation and disease

If the fish are released into the new aquarium without the adaptation process, they begin to die en masse within a day or throughout the week. To avoid the death of new fish in the aquarium, each of them must go through the correct adaptation.

This version should be considered only when all previous ones were canceled. As a rule, diseases are a consequence of reduced immunity due to poor water quality, improper adaptation or overfeeding. Without their prior liquidation, the use of drugs is not only useless, but also leads to the quick death of pets.

Extreme care must be taken with imported fish. Before they appear in the aquarium, they must be examined for the presence of dangerous bacteria and diseases that can lead to the death of other aquarium inhabitants.

Other causes of death of fish

Usually a massive death of aquarium inhabitants occurs after a change of water. Some water companies add too much chlorine to their water. The hardness of such water and pH can also be changed at the request of such companies. Of course, every day using such water, few people notice the difference, but for aquarium fish, such changes can be deadly. That is why experts do not recommend a complete replacement of water. Water should settle for at least a day.

Why Do Fish Die In An Aquarium, And What To Do

Often, inexperienced aquarium owners settle in a single tank of fish of incompatible breeds.

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Often, inexperienced aquarium owners settle in a single tank of fish of incompatible breeds. So, large individuals, even if they are herbivores, can eat their commoners. Many breeds differ in territorial and intraspecific aggression. In addition, there are cases when the fish, under conditions that encourage spawning, tend to destroy their neighbors. This can lead to the death of smaller fish. To avoid such consequences, it is not necessary to keep representatives of incompatible breeds in the same aquarium.

In rare cases, the death of inhabitants of aquariums is associated with an insufficient amount of oxygen in the water. As a rule, even novice aquarists install high-quality air compressors. However, some believe that a sufficiently powerful water filter is able to provide the right amount of oxygen. Such a delusion leads to the death of fish, because most of the rocks absorb oxygen from the water.

The death of fish in remote places of the aquarium

It happens that the fish die in remote places of the aquarium. In fact, the fish did not necessarily die in that place: its body could be transferred by a water stream to a site with calmer water. That is why it falls into the corner of the aquarium, for snags or stones. In addition, some breeds eat dead fish.

In most cases, the sick fish are independently driven into the corners of the aquarium before they die. Such a fish can be noticed in advance on the separate behavior. Even the schooling fish in this case can be hammered into a secluded corner, hide under the plants or behind the filter.

If you notice such a fish in time, you can identify the problems existing in the aquarium. It is necessary to quickly check the quality of water, its chemical composition and the operation of aquarium equipment.

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