Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

It is bad when the fish begin to die. After all, a person is attached to them no less than to other pets. Many do not understand why the fish die in the aquarium, because all the equipment is working properly, and the fish receive timely feed. You need to know the main causes of death. If you create conditions that are close to natural, then the disease will not occur, and strange death will stop.

Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

Fish may be poisoned

Poisoning by substances

If the fish die in the aquarium, then there can be many reasons. One of the main ones is nitrogen poisoning. This often happens in people who first bought an aquarium and ornamental fish. If you overfeed aquarium animals, it increases the amount of waste produced by fish. Fish die in the aquarium, because after oxidation of the products of their vital activity such substances are obtained:

In this video you will learn more about why the fish die:

Every substance is poisonous to pets. Ammonium harms most of all. If its content in the water is above the norm, then most of the aquarium inhabitants will die. Ammonium is especially dangerous for goldfish. Reasons for increasing the concentration of hazardous substances:

  • excessive number of inhabitants;
  • aquarium filter malfunction;
  • excess feed.

Odor. the main indicator of increasing ammonium concentrations. If at the same time the water began to cloud, then surely it needs to be changed.

Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

Lack of oxygen

For no apparent reason, fish may die in the aquarium. You need to do the following: make sure that the compressor corresponds to the displacement. If it is too weak, you will have to purchase a new one. Such a problem is extremely rare. Usually, when you buy a new aquarium, an appropriate compressor is purchased.

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And also the reason for the lack of oxygen can be too high a temperature of the water or a small flow of new at night. During this period, the plants stop producing oxygen. In addition to a quality compressor, artificial lighting can be provided, which will be switched on at night. The light should be cold, since the maximum temperature deviation should not exceed 1 degree.

Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

They could bite

Aggressive neighbors and temperature conditions

  1. Even larger herbivorous fish will tend to eat smaller ones.
  2. Among waterfowl there is aggression within its own species.
  3. The strongest always terrorize the weak.
  4. You should choose only peace-loving species.

Some species in too warm water become more aggressive. It is important to select the optimum temperature. Optimally, if the water is within 21−25 degrees. Cold water provokes animal diseases, and warm water. a lack of oxygen.

Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

Do not run incompatible fish

Wrong launch of fish

  1. Pour water with fish into a large tank.
  2. Add a little water from the tank to the tank.
  3. After half an hour to add more.
  4. Repeat the procedure until the aquarium water in the tank becomes at least 70%.
  5. Replant the fish in the aquarium.

Be sure to monitor the health of new fish. Since the first disease after transplantation, they may die.

Why Do Fish Die At Home In An Aquarium

There are a number of recommendations for the proper launch of fish

Death prevention

The problem must be prevented before the consequences appear. This will save the lives of aquarium pets.. It is necessary to take preventive measures:

Adhering to all the recommendations, it will be possible to avoid most of the problems when keeping fish. If one of them dies, you need to immediately remove it from the aquarium.

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Even people with more experience can die fish. You need to be attentive to water pets., then it will be time to notice the problem.

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