Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

It is very unpleasant when the fish begin to die in the aquarium. It would seem that everything was done correctly: clean water was poured, aquarium equipment was working, the fish received timely feed. Despite this, the animals die. Unfortunately, this situation occurs in newcomers of the aquarium business quite often, which is why it is necessary to arm yourself with knowledge of the causes of this phenomenon.

At the very least, the risk of death will be minimized.

Practice shows that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the death of fish is caused not by some external diseases, but by errors in content, illiteracy and carelessness of their owners. There are various reasons for this unfortunate phenomenon or a whole combination of causes and factors that should be considered in detail.

Poor quality aquarium water

This does not mean that the water is very dirty or muddy. No, it can be relatively pure, but poisoned by toxic chemical compounds, which are formed as a result of the vital activity of fish.

Harmful Chemistry

We are talking about nitrogen compounds, which include ammonia, ammonium, and other nitrates. These toxins will inevitably be present in the aquarium, as the fish every day leaves a lot of waste, which is constantly decomposed. Thus, the visual purity of water is often accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant smell of rot, which indicates a high concentration of toxic nitrogen compounds.

This smell is especially clearly felt if the aquarium is overcrowded and the system of biological water purification does not cope with the processing of toxins.

This state of aquarium water is formed in the following cases:

  • in the new aquarium has not yet reached the biological balance;
  • beneficial bacteria that process toxic nitrites into neutral nitrates are not yet at full capacity;
  • new fish have been added to a working balanced aqua system;
  • overpopulation of the aquarium;
  • biofilter failure;
  • improper maintenance and cleaning of the biofilter, resulting in the destruction of the colony of beneficial microorganisms.

On this basis, certain measures are taken to prevent water poisoning. It can be either a substitution of part of its volume, or the installation of a new biofilter, or the relocation of extra fish.

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Water parameters and the launch of the fish in the aquarium

The poor quality of the aquatic environment is also a violation of the pH balance and the discrepancy between the water hardness and the usual conditions for the existence of aquarium pets.

Newly acquired animals should be released gradually. First, put the bag with them in the aquarium, allowing the water temperature to smoothly equal. This will protect pets from thermal shock. For especially delicate fish and crustaceans, gradual water changes using the drip method are used.

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Video on how to properly adapt the fish to a new aquarium:

Water temperature

The death of fish can also occur due to a decrease or increase in temperature of the aquatic environment. The opinion that a deviation from a certain temperature mode by 2-3 degrees in one direction or another will not affect the health of aquarium pets is deeply mistaken.

Too clean aquarium

No matter how funny it sounds, cleanliness can also kill our fish. The fact is that the purity in which aquatic dwellers live is not comparable to the purity in which people live. If a house washed to a shine is a very pleasant place for us, then even too massive water changes are dangerous for fish.

Many aquarium owners make a common mistake. they catch all the fish, drain the water completely, rinse the soil, and wash the aquatic plants. Even the aquarium itself is thoroughly cleaned with powder in the bathroom. The result is a restart of the reservoir, in which almost all nitrifying bacteria died. Without them, ammonia in the water will not be processed, and the fish will gradually be etched by them.

Fish will not be happy with such a sharp change of habitat either: at best, they will experience stress, and at worst they will die within a few hours. As a result of several such procedures, the immunity of aquarium inhabitants will gradually fall, and they themselves will become more susceptible to disease.

Small water changes are less troublesome and more useful for aquarium inhabitants. It will take a maximum of half an hour from the owner and he will not have to carry a heavy glass container into the bathroom. It is recommended to replace 25-30% of water weekly. This number may vary depending on the type of inhabitants and the density of their landing.

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Lack of oxygen as a negative factor

A fish is known to breathe air dissolved in water, and it can suffocate if there is too little of it. Although such cases are very rare, they do happen.

As a rule, even beginners pre-acquire all the equipment necessary for the operation of the home aquatic system. And very often, buying a powerful enough filter, they trust him not only with water purification, but also with its aeration and mixing.

With a lack of oxygen, you may encounter in the summer, when the water temperature rises rapidly. In warm water it is much less than in cold.

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Panting fish can start and overpopulation. Some aquarists, buying the first inhabitants, very often lose their heads from such an abundance of potential pets. No need to buy too many animals in the aquarium, because the high density of landing is fraught with frequent diseases, high levels of stress, and the water will quickly get dirty.

It is believed that the optimum planting density is when there is 1 liter of water per 1 cm of the body of a fish.

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Aquarium neighbors aggression

Even if a large fish is considered a herbivore, it can easily eat small animals that fit into its mouth. For many inhabitants of the domestic water reservoir, the degree of aggression repeatedly increases during the spawning period.

There are aggressive fish because of their natural features, whose bites and bumps are very painful. All of these factors can also cause the death of aquarium pets.

Feed quality and overfeeding

Many novice aquarists sincerely believe that giving fish a pinch of dry commercial food every day is enough. Far from it.

Continuous feeding of the same dry food can cause the death of animals from vitamin deficiency and inflammation of the stomach or intestines. Suffice it to imagine what will happen to the human body, if it is constantly, to eat the same dry food day after day!

Because of dry food, goldfish can often begin to roll over, swim up belly or on the side. This is due to the fact that the pellets in the stomach swell and begin to put pressure on the swim bladder. the organ of balance of many species of fish. In this case, dry food from the ration of the scoop must be excluded, and the first few days after the start of turning it is recommended to feed it with scalded green peas.

Overfeeding. a very common cause of illness and death of animals. There are two significant points here. By itself, overfeeding can lead to diseases of internal organs. In addition, food debris, settling on the ground and gradually decomposing, contributes to a sharp concentration of nitrogen compounds, a large dose of which is fatal to the underwater inhabitants of the aquarium.

All fish feed should be eaten within 5 minutes. Leisurely or shy individuals can try to feed from the hand. It is advisable to turn off the filtering and aeration at this moment, since food may be sucked into the filter, and some fish mixed with bubbles may not catch up or notice. Giving food to bottom species is better before turning off the lights.

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If you are going to go on vacation, the aquarium may well stand for a week without your intervention. Fish calmly endure hunger. In addition, they can find food in the most unusual places, eating delicate shoots of plants, algae, bred aquarium snails.

With a long departure, you will have to ask someone to monitor the aquarium, but this is the main danger. After all, a person who is not familiar with an aquarium may pour in too much food or make too massive a water change. Therefore, before you leave your favorite jar in someone’s hands, be sure to show this person how to handle it. Feed the fish with him, drain the water, explain where the aquarium equipment lies, how to use it and what to do in unexpected situations.

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Illness is the most common cause

This is true, but in this case it is necessary to distinguish two main factors.

First of all, The disease can occur as a result of all the reasons listed above. Any of them, if they do not kill the fish immediately, will contribute to a sharp decrease in immunity. It is on this basis that a disease can develop that can lead to death. If this happens, then pets should be treated by contacting specialists.

Secondly, fish death can be caused by the development of infectious diseases. This is the worst scenario that could be in the process of maintaining the aquarium. Why do infectious diseases appear? As a rule, there are two main reasons: the launch into the aquarium of already infected fish or the appearance of parasites in the water house. Fungal diseases, peptic ulcer disease, lepidorthosis, tuberculosis and many other infections can cause not only the death of an individual, but also the pestilence.

It is necessary to daily monitor the behavior of aquarium pets, carefully examine them, and in case of the slightest suspicion, move the diseased individual into quarantine and consult a specialist.

Unfortunately, at least once the fish die in almost every aquarist. And the reasons may be completely different. It is important to carefully analyze what happened, identify the specific cause, and try to prevent it from recurring. And if there is not enough knowledge and experience, there is Internet and advice from experienced owners of ornamental fish.

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