Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

Many novice aquarists very often ask. why fish die in the aquarium, although, in their opinion (I mean, in the opinion of newbies), they do everything correctly, according to the book. In this article I will try to highlight the most common mistakes that beginners make. So!

1) The first thing that novices do not pay attention to is recommended water parameters! Friends! Hard and soft water also differ from each other. like white and black! And if you plant a fish in unacceptable water for it, then consider your the fish died! Therefore, I strongly recommend to strictly follow the recommendations for compliance with water parameters!

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2) The second common mistake is ignoring the water temperature. Beginners believe that a difference of one or two degrees for fish does not play a big role. And how to play! Children, fish are not people, they are so sensitive to water that you cannot even imagine! Therefore, for them the “plus” or “minus” two degrees are as tangible as for us 10 С or.10 С! Consider this and then you will have much less problems!

3) The third mistake is the neglect of the aquarium lighting. The fact is, friends, that for most tropical fish, daylight lasts 10 to 12 hours. In our country, the daylight hours are somewhat shorter, especially in winter. And if the fish will not receive a sufficient amount of light, then its biological clock will simply break. And since the fish is a fragile creature, then such a breakdown is followed by death. Keep this in mind for the future!

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4) Another reason for the frequent death of fish is the incompatibility of species. And this applies not only to carnivorous and herbivorous fish. There is also a nitrogen tolerance factor. For example, if some fish do not react to an increase in the concentration of nitrogen, others die from acute nitrogen poisoning! The advice in this case is one: study the characteristics of each species before combining them in one aquarium!

5) And here is another reason. overpopulation of the aquarium! Quite often, beginners lodge in one small-sized aquarium (up to 50 liters) 10-12 fish specimens. Plus, they add plants with a cubic meter! The result is overcrowding, lack of oxygen, ammonia poisoning and. hello! Here to you, friends, the unwritten rule: at least 3 liters of water per one fish! And this is the smallest! Depending on the size of the displacement increases. Consider this factor too!

Why Die Fish In An Aquarium

6) Incorrect feeding is also a common cause of massive fish death. For some reason, newcomers think that it is enough to throw a pinch of dry food into the aquarium and that’s the hat! This is absolutely not correct! Fish should eat a variety! And if they eat only dry food, they will very soon die from inflammation of the stomach and intestines: dry food is very hard to digest! Diversify the fish menu: give them both dry and lively and vegetable food! For example, many fish love lettuce leaves, which must be crushed.

That’s all, dear friends. I really want from all that you read in this article, you made the right conclusion. And remember: if you are too lazy to care for fish, then you should not start an aquarium!

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All the best to you and see you in the following articles!

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