Why Aquarium Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why Aquarium Fish Lie On The Bottom

Why does a goldfish not swim, not eat, and all the time lies at the bottom of the aquarium? What to do?

In the last article we looked at the case when a goldfish turns over and floats to the surface of the water, this time we will talk about the opposite situation. the goldfish lies at the bottom. As always, such symptoms can be caused by various causes. from dangerous and contagious diseases to tragic circumstances.

First of all, we will consider pathologies that are not caused by parasites. Goldfish love to dig in the ground and look for food, while they may accidentally swallow a stone! The fact is that wild ancestors of gold are crucians, lovers of digging in bottom sediments — silt, in search of various worms and larvae — benthos. In aquariums, small pebbles are most often used as a bottom substrate. Spawning goldfish with food can swallow a fairly large stone, which leads to a violation of the coordination of movements. the fish becomes hard to float with such a "weight". Often, these fish get tired of swimming and fall to the bottom, while they actively respond to food, and no external signs of disease are observed. Unless, depending on the size of the swallowed stone, a prominent tubercle on the stomach will be noticeable. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remove a stone from the intestine of a goldfish. it is an expensive operation that can only be done by a specially trained veterinarian. Prevention plays a key role here. it is important to prevent this situation. In an aquarium with adult goldfish, two types of soil should be used. either small gravel with a particle size of 2-3 mm or large pebbles with a diameter of 1 cm. In the first version, small randomly swallowed soil particles will not adversely affect the health of the fish, in the second. gold just can not swallow large stones. The worst choice would be a soil with a particle size equal to that of a goldfish. it can easily be swallowed.

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There are situations when a newly acquired goldfish, after being released into an aquarium, lies at the bottom and is actively working with its gills, does not react to the proposed feed. This is a completely natural behavior after suffering stress. catch, transportation, new water. all these stress factors negatively affect the goldfish and it is necessary to give it time to recover. The main thing to observe the following rules. fish very poorly tolerate drastic changes in any hydrochemical parameters, be it water temperature, pH, salt content, nitrates and phosphates, but they will be tolerated by smooth changes.

When transporting in cold or too hot periods of the year, it is important to monitor the water temperature in the transport tank. Upon arrival home, it is advisable to measure the parameters of the water in which the fish arrived. with the help of tests and a thermometer, and then compare them with the parameters in your aquarium. If the temperature differs by more than 1 degree Celsius, then the bag of fish can be placed in the aquarium for some time, so that the temperature will smooth out. If such a parameter as the pH differs by one or more, the fish with water from the transport tank should be poured into a separate vessel, aerated from the compressor there, and water from the aquarium should be added gradually for an hour until the pH levels are equal. You can add Tetra AquaSafe, in addition to substances that remove chlorine and heavy metals from water, to the water of the shipping container, it contains vitamins and minerals that help relieve stress in fish.

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It is quite another thing when a goldfish, which previously felt great, was actively swimming in the aquarium and was eating normally, suddenly found on the bottom somewhere in the corner of the aquarium. This tells us that the fish is sick. Depending on the accompanying symptoms, we can conclude which disease is being referred to and how to deal with it.

If a goldfish has its fins glued together, are folded and pressed to the body, a white coating is visible on the body, it refuses to feed and spends all the time lying on the ground. most likely we are dealing with hilodonella. Parasitic infusoria, causing chylodonellosis. Tetra Medica ContraIck will help cure fish. It is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer. The drug can not be used in combination with other medicines (except Tetra Medica General Tonic), during the application turn off the filtration through the UV sterilizer and remove the activated carbon. The drug may stain silicone. Apply strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Does not affect biofiltration, in the case of use in an aquarium with invertebrates. it is necessary to use half the dose, but it is better to deposit them in a different container for the duration of the treatment.

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