Who Can Be Settled In A Small Aquarium

So, you have just extracted an old, dusty aquarium, and now you are wondering if you can put some interesting inhabitants there. There are a number of animals that can safely live their entire lives in an aquarium of 20-25 liters, decorating the look of your living room and relieving the stress of the owner. But above all, the aquarium must be cleaned. Use only vinegar, in any case do not use household chemicals and soap.

To find a suitable pet, you need to collect as much information as possible. For this you need to imagine how much time you are willing to devote to a new family member, and what you can spend on.

Never be guided by the size of the animals at their young age, unless you are ready to purchase a larger aquarium in the future. After all, any living creature will behave actively and please the eye only if it has enough living space.

Speaking about the size of the aquarium, for most animals, the rule: "the more. the better." In addition, a small aquarium means the need for more frequent cleaning and maintenance (waste turns into nitrates and pollutes water). So think about the future and do not buy an animal if it cannot live in your tank for more than 5 years.

So, who can be kept in an aquarium with a size of 20-25 liters?

one. African dwarf frog
A great choice for a small aquarium! Just do not confuse them with African spur frogs. they are much larger.
Small toad family frogs can also live in a small aquarium, but still the size of 20-25 liters is not optimal for them.

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Small aquatic invertebrates, such as freshwater shrimps, corals, snails, hermit crabs and others can also be kept in a small aquarium. Despite its modest size, watching them is very interesting. Another undoubted advantage is that in aquariums with invertebrates, it is not necessary to change the water as often as in those where the fish live.

Who Can Be Settled In A Small Aquarium

3. Sea fish
There are conflicting opinions about what kind of saltwater fish can be kept in a small aquarium. Sometimes even clown fish are kept in so-called “nano-reef aquariums,” but we would not recommend it. There are other species that can live in 20-25 liter aquariums, namely: neon gobies, clown gobies, catalina gobies (live in cold water), dwarf caramel gobies.

Invertebrates also feel great in small marine aquariums.

Who Can Be Settled In A Small Aquarium

4. Dwarf seahorses
Another potential inhabitant of a 20-liter aquarium is a pygmy seahorse. But do not forget that, despite its modest size, these animals need a rather specific care. They eat live saltwater shrimp, which will have to either grow themselves, or regularly acquire. But they look very interesting!

Who Can Be Settled In A Small Aquarium

5. Other invertebrates
In the aquarium, you can keep land invertebrates, such as insects. If you do not have negative feelings for arthropods, you can think about acquiring tarantulas, tropical cockroaches, scorpions or centipedes. However, remember that many of them are poisonous.

Who Can Be Settled In A Small Aquarium

Whom NOT it is recommended to keep in aquariums of 20-25 liters: goldfish, mandarin fish, tree frogs, turtles, dwarf hamsters, snakes.

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