What You Need For Fish In The Aquarium Tips

It is very important for novice aquarists to know what is needed for fish in an aquarium in order to organize everything properly. Keeping and breeding underwater inhabitants is not only an original hobby, but also a way to achieve pacification and harmony, as well as get rid of stress.

Fish care is quite simple and does not require too much time. However, you first need to familiarize yourself with general recommendations in order to decide how suitable this hobby is.

How to choose the right aquarium

Beginners aquarists often do not know where to start setting up an aquarium, and this should be done by choosing the most suitable tank. The most important thing is to think about exactly where in the apartment or house it will be located. Answering this question, you can decide on the shape of the container and its design. The vessel can stand on legs or stand, be suspended or have a frame base. The shape of the aquarium can also be different. In particular, tanks can be:

  • square (cubic);
  • rectangular (parallelepiped);
  • panoramic (glass convex shape);
  • prismoidal (installed on the floor);
  • round (in the form of a ball);
  • triangular (closed aquariums).

In addition, an important condition for choosing a vessel for fish is taking into account all the main factors of maintenance of underwater inhabitants and care for them. Proper installation is required for free access to the home aquarium and basic manipulations.

The sun should not fall on the container. This can severely damage fish and some types of algae. The size of the aquarium in liters is selected based on the number and characteristics of its inhabitants. At 1 cm of fish you need 1 liter of water so that underwater inhabitants can move freely and feel comfortable.

Size and installation of the aquarium

Answering the question what kind of aquarium is needed for fish, it is important to accurately determine its size. Some species of fish grow up to 3-4 cm, while others may be 30-40 cm long and more. From this will directly depend on the size of the aquarium. The bigger it is, the harder it is to break its biobalance after launch. Accordingly, there will be much fewer problems with it. The best size is 150 liters, but not less than 100.

It is very important to determine the installation location of the aquarium. It should be located where there will be no extraneous impact, in particular a radiator and direct ultraviolet radiation. Sunlight can heat the water, which contributes to stronger algae growth on the walls of the aquarium.

Required Aquarium Equipment

What you need for a fish tank? This question interests many people who are interested in this hobby. You need to purchase equipment such as:

  • backlight;
  • water heater;
  • aerator;
  • filter.

When choosing the backlight you need to calculate the power of the lamps and the duration of the lighting during the day. It depends on the plants and inhabitants. Usually in the cover that comes with the aquarium, there is already a minimum of required lamps. It is best if they are conventional energy-saving or daylight. On the volume of the aquarium 50 liters enough lighting 25-30 watts.

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What You Need For Fish In The Aquarium Tips

The water heater should automatically maintain the temperature. Filter and aerator for water can be separate and combined. Their power depends on the volume of the aquarium. The filter is internal and external. A beginner is best to purchase the first option. An aerator is required for spraying air into the water with small bubbles so that the fish can breathe.

Thermometer and heater may be required. Most aquarium fish are thermophilic. So that they do not freeze, you need to maintain a temperature of about 22-23 degrees.

Basic accessories

Be sure to need a cabinet for installing an aquarium or other flat and flat surface. When purchasing a stand, be sure to pay attention to some indicators. So, she should:

  • be made of moisture resistant material;
  • have good strength to avoid deformation;
  • have adjustable legs.

It should be noted that the heavier the aquarium, the stronger should be the stand for it. When the pedestal deforms, the weight of the water will cease to be distributed normally. As a result, the glass can burst aquarium. It is best to choose a metal bollard, as it has the best strength.

What You Need For Fish In The Aquarium Tips

The cover for an aquarium is very important. It is necessary in order, first of all, to prevent infection from entering the water. In addition, the lid prevents fish from jumping out of the tank, and also serves as a place for lighting equipment and compressor mounting (in some models).

This is not all that is needed for fish in an aquarium, but all these devices are simply necessary.

Vegetation selection

Many are interested in what is needed for the fish in the aquarium and how to provide them with the most suitable conditions. Be sure to choose the right plants. Algae can be real and artificial. The latter are much brighter, look more impressive, and also require a minimum of care. They only need to be washed periodically.

Real algae, despite the fact that they are not so bright, but more useful for the inhabitants of the aquarium. They emit oxygen and various trace elements. Some fish even eat certain types of algae. From plants you can use valisneria, duckweed, elodeyu, rogolodnik.

Soil selection

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of soil. You can not use for the bottom of the aquarium sand from the shore of the reservoirs. It may contain germs that will lead to fish diseases. Too small soil will not work, as it is difficult to clean from the waste products of the inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as food residues.

The ideal option would be basalt soil. It is not only easy to care for, which is a big plus, but also softens tap water. The soil can be filled with a layer of 4-8 cm. Much depends on the plants, as well as the characteristics of their root system.

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The dark soil reflects the coloring of the fish much better. If the ground is very light, then the fish will seem faded and not colorful. Before filling the sand, it must be well sanitized, and to remove the dirt, rinse it several times under running water, and then boil it in salted water for 20 minutes.

Fish selection

Guppies are the most popular fish. Bright males and greyish females can live in almost any conditions. With proper care, they will be able to please offspring. Pecilia, swordtails, mollies belong to viviparous fish of bright colors.

Gourami. beautiful and unpretentious individuals. They have lower fins in the form of long whiskers. Barbusy. striped and very mobile pets. It is best to keep them separate, as many individuals have a snooty character and offend more peaceful fish. It is very interesting to watch catfish in the aquarium. A cheerful flock of danios fish will help decorate any aquarium.


Now you know what you need for fish in the aquarium. In addition, it is important to know how to organize everything. Before you can release the fish in the aquarium, it takes about 2 weeks. Initially, you need to hold:

  • test filling aquarium to test the strength of the seams;
  • laying soil and planting plants;
  • installation of heating, lighting, filter;
  • filling with tap water;
  • turn on the heating and filter.

After that, you need to wait a week for the biological balance of the aquarium to be established during this time. Various conditioners can be added to the water to improve water parameters. Before using them, you need to consult with a specialist.

After a week, you can gradually launch the first most hardy inhabitants. snails, frogs, shrimps, newts. They have a positive effect on the state of the ecosystem in the aquarium.

The water in the indoor pond becomes stable for 1 month and may become cloudy. Over time, it is cleared and will be completely transparent. A week later, you can run more hardy fish.

Features fish care

Buying fish is an important step to be taken as seriously as possible. It is necessary to pay maximum attention to this issue. When acquiring it is important to adhere to the basic rules.

You need to carefully select the fish for living together, if you want to have several different species. There are heat-loving and cold-resistant, prey or predator. Even food can vary greatly. For this reason, acquiring the inhabitants of the aquarium, you need to know everything about them, as well as compatibility.

These are quite unpretentious pets, and if you do not make gross mistakes in the diet, then this is a guarantee that they will be healthy and live for a long time. It is important to know exactly how much to feed the fish in the aquarium, as well as how to properly organize the food. It is necessary to adhere to such principles as:

  • nutrition schedule;
  • reflexes;
  • know the limits;
  • diversity.
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It is better to feed the aquarium inhabitants at the same time. Before pouring food, you need to knock lightly on the glass. This produces a reflex.

Answering the question of how much food you need to fish in an aquarium, it is worth noting that it is important to know the measure. You do not need to overfeed them, as one meal is enough per day. When feeding, pay attention to the bottom of the aquarium. If the pet is full, then the uneaten food settles on the bottom. Food should not accumulate, as it will begin to rot and poison water.

It should also be diverse. frozen, refined, dry, lively. However, with live food you need to be very careful, as it can cause infection of fish.

Many are interested in whether fish need light in the aquarium and how to choose the right lighting. Plants and fish need a very special beam spectrum. Special lamps provide better growth and development. For a 100-liter aquarium, you need 60 W. When asked if the fish need light in the aquarium at night, it should be said that the lighting should be moderate but stable.

Maintain clean water

How much water a fish needs in an aquarium depends largely on the size of its inhabitants. In addition, water purification is very important. That is why you need to purchase a filter.

For its normal operation, it is recommended to wash the filter in the aquarium water. Be sure to rinse the sponge inside. This will help keep the amount of recycled water at the required level. It is strictly forbidden to use detergents for cleaning. Periodically it is necessary to carry out partial and full replacement of water.

Key recommendations

It is difficult for beginners to immediately determine which aquarium is needed for a goldfish and other inhabitants, so you should listen to the recommendations of specialists. Knowing the rules of aquarism will help facilitate the process of knowledge of underwater life.

It is recommended to select the classic models of containers, namely, rectangular or square. Aquariums of 100-110 liters are considered to be the simplest ones in the care and adaptation of fish, since the internal ecosystem is very well formed in them.

What You Need For Fish In The Aquarium Tips

It is important to purchase a thermometer, as the temperature drops can lead to the death of the fish. It is recommended to have several tests to determine the composition of water. Caring for an aquarium can be complicated depending on the rarity of the species of its inhabitants.

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