What You Need For Aquarium Fish

What You Need For Aquarium Fish

An aquarium with beautiful plants, decorations and colorful fish will decorate any room and give a feeling of comfort. And watching the fish will have a calming effect and help relieve stress after a hard day. However, not everything is so simple, the choice of the aquarium and its filling require a special approach. What is needed for aquarium fish?

Capacity and equipment

Select the aquarium should be under a certain type of fish, to ensure them a comfortable life. It is necessary to carefully examine the conditions in which particular types of fish should inhabit and only after that to buy a suitable jar. If you want to put an aquarium in the house as an element of decor, then choose a shape and size that will fit into your interior, and then based on the parameters of the aquarium, buy the appropriate fish.

Aquariums are usually equipped with the following equipment:

Lighting. Fluorescent or LED lamps provide the inhabitants of the aquarium the necessary amount of light and contribute to the normal growth of plants.

Filter. External or internal filter is selected depending on the volume of the aquarium. It will clean the tap water and improve its quality.

Compressor. It is vital for fish, as it saturates water with oxygen. Compressors are also external and internal.

Heater. If you have chosen your pet as a tropical fish, then you need to install a heater that will maintain the desired water temperature.

Soil, plants and decor

The bottom of the aquarium should be lined with soil from 3-10 cm thick, depending on the size of the aquarium. The soil not only decorates the jar, but is also a substrate for plants. Usually, sand or gravel from 3-8 mm in size is used for these purposes. It is not recommended to put shells in the aquarium, as they can affect the composition of the water, thereby worsening the condition of the fish.

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To decorate the aquarium, you can use live or artificial plants. Living plants will saturate water with oxygen, recycle waste and provide an additional source of food for fish. However, they need special care and conditions. Artificial plants perform only a decorative function and will not affect the aquarium ecosystem.

Locks, winding snags, chests, stones and other decorative elements will undoubtedly add beauty to your aquarium. Also, all these items will serve as an excellent shelter for the fish, where they will feel protected. Decorations also need to be selected correctly, they must be either completely without holes, or with such holes, in which even the biggest fish will not get stuck.

Where to put the aquarium

Place the aquarium away from doors, windows and batteries. The tank should not be exposed to direct sunlight for more than 2 hours per day. Also, do not put it in the passage place, so as not to frighten the fish. And to connect all the equipment, it is necessary that there are electrical sockets nearby.

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