What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

Breeding aquarium fish. an interesting and exciting event. It perfectly brings love to nature in children, and helps adults to relieve stress. Different types of aquarium fish behave differently, and it is very interesting to watch them. Where can you start if you want to do breeding?

Tips for beginners

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

Aquarian small fishes happen to live and viviparous. Therefore, it is worth deciding in advance who you want to see in your tank.
"It is advisable for beginners to start first viviparous fish, as it is easier to care for them."
The advantage of viviparous fish is that their newborn fry is fully viable. In addition, such fish do not need any special conditions to produce offspring. Although in general, breeding aquarium fish. a matter that requires time, attention, knowledge and skills. And this will help the following tips:

  • Get an aquarium and a special ground for it.
  • In the water must be different algae.
  • The water in the aquarium should be periodically changed so that it is not muddy.
  • For breeding you need to choose a pair of manufacturers of the genus. They should be healthy, bright in color, male and female. They are deposited in a separate aquarium.
  • When fry are born, they are separated from their parents.
  • Feed the fry immediately after their birth. For this, fine cyclops or live dust are suitable. A useful additive is also the yolk of the egg.
  • When the small fish grow up, they are released into the general aquarium.

Description of aquarium fish

What types of aquarium fish are most popular? Of course, everyone has their favorites. You can buy one or two kinds first, and then, having studied their habits, buy other ones you like. In this case, you probably need furniture from the manufacturer of St. Petersburg, such as a bedside table for an aquarium.

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From viviparous fish such as guppy and swordtail are common. Many people like paradise fish or catfish. Barbus, neon, scalar also do not yield to the position in popularity. Consider some features of common species of fish.


What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

They have beautiful long tails and are distinguished by bright colors. It is from these fish that many begin their mastering of aquarism. These mobile fish often jump out of the water, so the aquarium must be covered. It is important to change the water frequently, but in small portions. Guppies are fed both live food and vegetable food.

Paradise fish

The multi-colored, bright paradise fish is also called the macropod. This fish is crying, the male is caring for the offspring. When maintaining a macro, it is important to maintain not only the temperature of the water, but also the ambient air, so that the fish do not catch a cold. The aquarium must be covered so that the active paradise fish do not jump out. It is used as a live feed, and its substitutes.

Heller’s swordtail

These beautiful viviparous fishes are remarkable in that their females can become males if they are absent for a long time. Quite active and peaceful, as well as jumping. As food for the Sword use vegetation, wildlife or substitutes.

Neon black

Neons are contained at a water temperature of 24 to 28 ° C. These fish are gregarious, calm to their liking. In a neon aquarium there should be a lot of algae, since they do not like bright light. However, they need enough space to swim. They feed these fish with vegetable or live food.

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Somic Meta

Fledging catfish breathe not only with the gills, but also with oxygen from the air, therefore the surface should always be open for them in the aquarium. Somiki Meta passive and calm. They prefer to lie on the bottom or stones, and swim at nightfall. Feed these fish with live food, you can use substitutes.

These are just some of the types of fish that are most common among aquarium lovers. Starting to breed them yourself, you will discover many interesting things. So at home you will have your own charming piece of the underwater world.

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

What Types Of Aquarium Fish Is Easiest To Breed For Beginners

Aquarium fish for beginners, keeping and breeding. Tips and tricks

Among amateurs of aquarium fish, goldfish are quite popular. Beginner lovers should understand that goldfish aquarium species are pretty.

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