What To Feed Goldfish

What To Feed Goldfish

To begin with, goldfish are omnivorous, so feeding them is not difficult.

Food should be medium-sized, corresponding to the size of the mouth of the fish themselves. The only thing to be taken into account is the fact that adolescents-gold for good growth and development should be fed mainly with live and dry food. And the basis of the diet of adult fish should be vegetable food.

Juvenile goldfish are fed by a pipe worker, bloodworm, daphnia, coretica, small pieces of crock pen, squid, dry sami. Adult fish, too, are pampered with such high-calorie food, but very small quantities. Basically, their menu should consist of vegetables grated on a fine grater such as cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, etc.

There are currently a lot of dry plant-based fodder specifically for gold. Well, these fish eat aquarium plants with soft leaves such as duckweed, hornpok, wolfia, etc. I have long adapted to light feeding of gold. I always have a lot of duckweed in this aquarium with these ever-chewing fish, so I feed only once a day, the rest of the time they feed on this “weed”. Fortunately, it multiplies very quickly, although sometimes they manage to destroy almost everything, then I just add a shrimp’s duckweed.

Sometimes, along with the duckweed to the golden aquarium, because of its small size and love for this plant, cherry shrimps also fall. That’s when it is generally interesting to observe how the slow gold turns into hunters for a while and pursues these nimble crustaceans. As a rule, scrofula can not catch the cherries, but the sight is quite funny. Then you can observe how the shrimp adapt to life in this aquarium, plying here and there in the thickets of roachy or standing proudly on the sponge of the filter and teasing the gold.

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What To Feed Goldfish

In principle, if there are enough plants in the aquarium, including those with soft leaves, then you can spend a week out of the house with a clear conscience, while your favorite goldfish will not go hungry and will not even lose weight.

What products from the "human" diet can be used as fish feed? This is more likely in case the special food is over, and not for constant feeding. You can boil without salt grits, for example, buckwheat or millet. And also brew the semolina, just be sure to rinse so that it is not sticky. Well eaten golden boiled water-scalded lettuce, nettle, dandelion, dill and parsley.

Goldfish are gluttons, so they are often better fed (for example, three times a day), but little by little. Animal and live food is enough to give once, and the rest of the time. plant food. Based on the fact that these fish eat a lot, then, respectively, they defecate a lot, and they excrete both feces and urine. That is why a weekly water change of 20 percent is an obligatory procedure for them. Otherwise, health problems begin.

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