What To Feed Fish Feed Substitutes

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What To Feed Fish Feed Substitutes

what to feed the fish

If you. just recently bought an aquarium and got the first fish, then this article is for you!

So, what to feed the fish? You may have heard such a phrase. "feed substitutes". However, one thing is to hear, and another thing is to understand what you hear! So, what are these same feed substitutes?

In general, “feed substitutes” is a purely conditional definition. What do you know fish food? Well, right. dry and alive. And feed substitutes are food from your table! Yes, yes, it is from your table. Not only possible, but also need to feed the fish a varied meal. After all, dry and live food contains only part of the necessary micronutrients. And for optimal development, fish need and proteins, and fats, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, etc. and so on! And many foods that a person eats can be given to fish. Let’s consider what to feed the fish.

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1) Predatory fish species can eat meat.

Cook a piece of beef or pork and chop it thoroughly in a blender. Give in small portions. Meat for predatory fish is an additional source of protein and vitamins!

2) Give the fish milk powder.

Here’s how to get such a powder at home. Pour some milk into a plate and put it on a pan of boiling water (this is called a “water bath”). When the milk is completely evaporated, a white powder will remain at the bottom of the plate. This is milk powder! Give him a little of his fish: the fish love him very much. Milk powder contains the necessary acid fish.

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3) Cool boiled buckwheat porridge. an excellent source of carbohydrates and iron!

Boil the porridge, rinse it thoroughly (so that all the starch mucus is gone) and cool. Give porridge in small portions, pre-grind. Keep refrigerated.

4) Hercules and lettuce leaves.

Hard-boiled porridge "Hercules" is washed with water and filtered. Then mix it with finely chopped lettuce leaves. Remove the stone from the aquarium and smear on it the mixture. The stone is put back into the aquarium. Fish "say" you thank you very much for an excellent source of vegetable proteins and vitamins.

5) Egg yolk.

Cook the egg and separate the white from the yolk. Cool the yolk and refrigerate for 5-6 minutes. Then finely crush it and give it to the fish. The yolk is a source of vitamin D and full fats.

As you can see, friends, fish may well eat the same as we do.

You can also make mixtures of several products at the same time. The main thing is to grind everything thoroughly!

(My neons are very fond of buckwheat with egg yolk. And catfish. just get high from oatmeal with salad! And if something remains after a fish dinner, then the remains are eaten by shrimps and snails.)

Now you are more familiar with the term "feed substitutes" and the question of what to feed the fish in front of you no longer stands.

Goodbye, dear friends, and see you soon!

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