What To Feed Catfish In The Aquarium With Fish

What and how to feed aquarium catfish

Taste addictions soms as unusual as their habits. Unfortunately, it is these fish that are most often the victims of improper feeding. Many novice aquarists wind up catfish so that they pick up leftover food from other fish or feed with bloom from the walls of the aquarium and decor. Attitude to catfish as a scavenger has a negative impact on the health of this fish and most often leads to disastrous consequences.

To understand the rules of feeding catfish, you must answer two questions: “what to feed?” And “how to feed?” These fish. The answer to the first question stems from the specifics of nutritional needs, on the second. from the peculiarities of behavior and lifestyle of catfish.

What to feed aquarium catfish

Depending on what species the catfish belongs to, its diet may include components of plant or animal origin. However, some typical predators will not abandon the herbal supplement, and herbivorous sometimes not averse to eat animal food. Find out what type of food is acceptable for your catfish.

Manufacturers of ready-made rations offer dry and frozen feed and additives. You can give the fish such specialized food or natural food, as well as use a combined type of feeding. The diet of soma should be as varied and balanced as possible.

Such feed can be sold dry, frozen or even live. Any option will do. If the food is purchased alive, it should be washed and treated with disinfectants before feeding, to eliminate the likelihood that the fish will become infected with helminths or a bacterial infection.

  • shrimp meat;
  • squids;
  • pieces of fish and meat;
  • beef heart;
  • boiled egg.
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Fish, like meat, it is better to choose lean, give the egg in small portions about once a week. All food divided into pieces, convenient for swallowing.

It should be noted that predators, for example, red-tailed or bag-tailed soma, eat fish not only in pieces, but also alive, if this fish is smaller than their mouth and does not know how to swim fast. Therefore, if you put in the aquarium for the beauty of small fish, such a catfish is likely to regard them as food.

From plant foods suitable:

Plant foods should also be washed before feeding. Salad and parsley can be lightly scalded to make them softer. it will be more convenient for fish to eat them.

In addition, for some species of herbivorous catfish, for example, Ancistrus or Pterigoplicht, the presence of snags in the aquarium is highly desirable. Snags and algae with which they grow, provide a valuable additional source of food for such catfish.

What To Feed Catfish In The Aquarium With Fish

Ready-made specialized foods are good because they have a convenient form for eating and are already balanced in composition. Depending on the type of your catfish, you can choose tableted and granulated feed with different ingredients.

How to feed aquarium catfish

Catfish that are active during the day, for example, corridors or glass catfishes, can be fed at the same time as other day fish. But most soms are active at night or twilight. Therefore, in the evening, such fish should be fed one minute before the light in the aquarium is turned off or immediately after, and in the morning. before switching on. It is practically impossible to teach night soms to eat in the daytime. Therefore, the food left for them in the afternoon, by nightfall, may deteriorate. As for those catfish that behave actively at dusk, then you can teach them to feed during the day.

What To Feed Catfish In The Aquarium With Fish

The intelligence of catfish is quite high. they remember the person who feeds them and with time can even get used to take food from their hands.

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For bottom fish (and most of these are catfish), it is better to use food that quickly sinks to the bottom or fix pieces of food at the bottom with additional funds.

Specialized catfish feeds are usually produced in the form of tablets or dense granules, which after reaching the water in a matter of seconds reach the bottom. Flake food descends much more slowly, and if there are more nimble fishes swimming in the upper layers of water in the aquarium, the bottom will not get anything.

Some types of catfish are prone to overeating, so you should follow the recommended doses of feeding. Feed the fish need a couple of times a day, sometimes arranging the "hungry" days.

If a lot of time has passed since the food was placed in the aquarium, but remained uneaten, it is necessary to remove it using a grater or net. This is done in order to keep the water clean and eliminate the poisoning of fish.

If you do not have the opportunity to feed the catfish at a certain time, you can use the automatic feeder with a timer. it will do the work for you. But feeding soms alone is more fun.

Feed the catfish properly and enjoy communicating with them!

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