What To Feed Aquarium Fish

What To Feed Aquarium Fish

The answers to this question are quite simple, but at the same time they have an individual character. that is, they depend on the specific type of aquarium fish, on the volume of the aquarium, and other nuances!

Answering the question. HOW TO FEED FISH? You can generally say that you need to feed the pets so that after 1-2 minutes, the abandoned feed will be eaten. In covering this issue, it should be noted that it is better to feed the fish rather than overfeed. Do not feed the fish much and often. Make sure that this situation does not work out when. you fed the fish, then the spouse, and then also the children!

Moreover, starvation of small fish is a diet that benefits the fish! Arrange for the fish once a month fasting days. do not feed the fish for 2 days. Following these recommendations, you will get rid of the risk of pet diseases of gastrointestinal diseases and only improve their health!

The second point that should be covered on the issue. HOW TO FEED FISH! Food for fish should be balanced and varied, in addition, it must meet the individual needs of a specific type of fish swimming in your “aquarium”. Often, many make a big mistake and feed the fish with one type of feed (for example, dry)! Such a policy of keeping fish and such feeding leads in time to the question. HOW TO HOW TO TREAT A FISH? Food should be: quality, diverse. At the same time, no one says that the fish need to be fed delicacies. But to combine, for example, dry and frozen food. it is possible, it is not so expensive!

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In addition, different fish prefer different food, some, for example, well, really need vegetable food! Taking into account such features, select the appropriate feed, balance it.

WHEN TO FEED FISH? This question is also individual for a particular type of fish. For example, the majority of aquarium catfish are nocturnal, and therefore it is desirable to feed them in a dark time drain.

But since most fish are diurnal, it is better to feed them during the daytime. in the morning or at lunch.


I feed mine once a day, in the morning. However, many recommend feeding aquarium fish 2 twice a day. Actually I do not see anything wrong with that. The main thing is to follow the rule, the food should be eaten in 2-3 minutes.


A lot of important issue of feed for aquarium fish is the question of its quality. Sure? You can "get aquarium food" in the old fashioned way. to hunt ponds or tormented with bloodworms. You can buy feed in bird markets! However, no one will give you guarantees! Moreover, such feed is dangerous to the health of your pets.


In our arsenal there are the following types of fish feed:

– dry: dried gammarus, artemia, old, etc.

– sublimated feed consisting of a mixture of ingredients.

– frozen food: bloodworm, artemia, streptocephalus, daphnia, etc.

– live food: bloodworm, artemia, grindal, etc.

– A group of products that can be called “food from our table”: seafood (fish fillet, shrimp, lean beef. the heart of a bull salad, spinach, zucchini, zucchini, cucumber, etc.).

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Agree, a great arsenal! It is only important to use it correctly. All you need is to buy food and make a diet schedule for the week, according to the individual preferences of aquatic animals.

What To Feed Aquarium Fish

How to feed the herbivorous fish: antsistrus, L-catfish, labidochromis, pseudotropheusa, goldfish? Their diet should be

70% plant food,

30% protein. Take for them sublimated feed with herbal ingredients, for example:

What To Feed Aquarium Fish

Loricaria soma perfectly eat slices of cucumber, zucchini, salads. Goldfish adore duckweed. But at the same time, do not be afraid to use protein foods. freezing and high-quality live food.

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