What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

What caused the massive death of aquarium inhabitants? This question interests many novice aquarists. Therefore, we will try to understand this problem and consider what causes the death of aquarium fish.

The reasons

If the fish die in the aquarium, it is very important to establish the cause. This can happen even if all the conditions for its content are met. Aquaria is a rather complicated type of occupation, which implies the correct modeling of a favorable ecosystem in an artificial reservoir (aquarium).

  • viral-bacterial, parasitic, fungal diseases;
  • non-compliance with the rules, feeding regime;
  • poor diet;
  • violation of the parameters of the aquatic environment;
  • overfeeding, hunger;
  • overcrowding of fish in an aquarium (insufficient volume);
  • poisoning with ammonia, nitrogenous compounds;
  • lack of oxygen, gas embolism.

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

Fish can die because of injuries in fights. Peaceful species very often suffer from the constant attacks of aggressive neighbors. In addition, larger species of fish are trying to eat fry or small inhabitants of the aquarium. Some small fish attach to the body of others, provoking their death. The strong eat the weak. To avoid this, keep compatible fish species in your tank.

The inconsistency of the parameters of the aquatic environment with the norms, highly polluted water in the tank, violation of the temperature regime, the presence of a large amount of organic compounds can provoke the death of all the fish at once. For example, hypothermia is dangerous for calico. Goldfish die because of poisoning with nitrogen compounds.

To avoid this, create optimal conditions, taking into account the specific features of the fish. It is necessary to purchase high-quality equipment, aquarium systems, constantly monitor, using special test systems, the parameters of the aquatic environment in the tank.

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Nitrogen poisoning

If you notice that fish have started to die in the aquarium, one of the possible reasons is poisoning with nitrogen compounds. In the process of life of aquarium fish in the water accumulates a large amount of organic matter. nitrates, nitrites, ammonia.

During the day, the number of feces is 1/3 of the total weight of the fish.

Without exception, nitrogenous compounds are very toxic and toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium. In this case, ammonia is especially dangerous. An overabundance in the aquatic environment can cause a mass death of the entire aquarium population.

Failure of filtration systems, overcrowding in an aquarium, poor aeration, overfeeding are factors that contribute to an increase in nitrogen in the aquatic environment.

It is possible to determine the excess nitrogenous compounds in the aquarium by the state of the water, namely by smell, color. If the aquatic environment is turbid, an unpleasant putrid odor comes from the aquarium, this means that measures must be taken to normalize the state of the aquatic environment. Even if the water is visually clear, but there is a smell. this means that the ammonia process is running.

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

To normalize the parameters of water, eliminate ammonia compounds, replace ¼ of the water in the aquarium, intensify aeration. It is necessary to add only the water separated during the day.

Lack of oxygen

Aquarium fish can die due to lack of oxygen in the water. Most often, this situation occurs due to the breakdown of the aeration system, as well as due to overcrowding in the aquarium.

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Understand that the fish do not have enough O2 can be in their behavior. Pets become inactive, sluggishly float with widely spaced gills, hold in the upper layers of the reservoir, breathe heavily.

Lack of oxygen leads to oxygen starvation, can cause gas embolism. To avoid the death of fish due to asphyxiation, get a high-quality, powerful aqua-system. You can also plant live plants in an aquarium because they saturate the water with oxygen.

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

Fish diseases

Fish suffer from bacterial, parasitic diseases, fungal infections. As a rule, many diseases have an aggressive course, characterized by rapid spread. Some diseases are incurable (fish tuberculosis), others can be cured only in the early stages of their development.

Bacteria and parasites can enter the aquarium together with new fish that have not been quarantined, with algae and decorative objects.

Aquarists should know the main diseases of the fish and their symptoms. The choice of treatment methods depends on the degree and severity of the disease.

Noticing that the fish is sick, it should be deposited as soon as possible in a separate tank. This will avoid mass infection and death of aquarium dwellers. All carriers of the infection, infected or suspicious individuals must be removed from the aquarium so as not to expose the rest of the fish to danger.

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

If you do not know how to treat the fish, consult a veterinarian, experienced aquarists. There are no universal medicines, but if the fish is sick, you need to increase water aeration, raise the temperature of the aquatic environment, replace part of the water daily. Antibacterial agents are added to the water. In addition, it is necessary to boil the soil, sanitize the decor, wash the algae well, clean the filters. Keep the fish in the bailout until the complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease, the normalization of the state.

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If fish began to die en masse, as already noted, you need to establish the cause. Carefully inspect the dead individual. Analyze what could be the cause, install, after which the fish began to die. Aquarian inhabitants can also die due to stress, overfeeding, obesity, injuries, bruises, congenital, genetic pathologies.

If the fish is dead, it must be removed from the aquarium immediately. Tropical fish decompose very quickly, which leads to an increase in the number of bacteria in the aquatic environment.

If the cause is a disease, treat it appropriately. Concerning a choice of a medical technique consult with the veterinarian.

If the reason for the violation of water parameters, you need as soon as possible to bring them back to normal. Purchase special test systems. Analyze test scores. Daily measure pH values, control temperature.

What To Do If The Fish Die In The Aquarium

If the fish began to die suddenly, the water parameters are normal, but you do not know what the reason and your pets are dying, we recommend to consult with experienced aquarists or a veterinarian, to ask questions on thematic forums.

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