What To Choose Unpretentious Aquarium Fish For Beginners

If you decide to start aquarium fish, but you do not yet have experience in this matter, then surely you are interested in the question of where and how to start. Many do not know the answer to it, and therefore acquire inappropriate fish, which cause many inconveniences. The most important thing for aquarium fish for beginners was unpretentious and suitable for your aquarium.

What To Choose Unpretentious Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Aquarium. a small corner of wildlife in the house.

Types of fish for beginners

First of all, it is viviparous toothfish. The most unpretentious and popular among them is guppies. Their males are bright enough, the females are larger in size and inconspicuous. Such fish breed quickly enough, the fry can feed themselves. But it happens that parents eat their offspring. Therefore, it is better to fry the fry, or add plants to the aquarium that will serve as shelter for them.

Other popular unpretentious representatives of karbozubykh are pelytsii. They are somewhat larger than guppies in size, but are also able to multiply rapidly, and are unpretentious.

Known and fish called the Sword. Their characteristic difference is the long process of the fin, which has the appearance of a sword (in males). Hence the name. Such fish are large in size than the peelits and guppies, their body is slightly elongated. Keep them too easy enough.

Among the cichlids are the scalar fish. They are very beautiful, and can adequately decorate any aquarium. Angelfish are quite simple in their care, that is why they are so loved by beginners and not-so aquarists.

Mynesian fish

Among molines, the most common is the black mole. They are already somewhat finicky than the previous species. Food for them can be the usual dry food, however, there is a need for vegetable feed. Molinosians are happy to eat algae, so they are considered to be good nurses and sweepers.

Barbus fish and others

Another type of unpretentious and funny fish, which is easy for newbies, is the family of barbs. There are various types of barbs, Sumatran barbs are considered the most popular.

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What To Choose Unpretentious Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Barbusses are considered the most suitable aquarium fish for beginners aquarists

These fish are easy to maintain, but are beautiful and stately. If they are contained in a flock, then the aquarium should be as spacious as possible, since the fish need space for movement. They can get along with all other types of fish.

Striped individuals can often be found, although there are quite a few other colors. If the number of fish is not more than two, then the volume of the aquarium may not be very large, but it is desirable that it be at least 40 liters.

For a large aquarium, aquarium barbs clowns would be appropriate. bright and funny fish that do not require special conditions for maintenance. Well, if you have a large aquarium with a volume of 200 liters, you can pay attention to shark barbs.

There are variations for small tanks. For example, it is popular cherry barbs or dwarf barb. You can immediately purchase a flock of fish that will look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

A good option for beginners aquarists. Danio fish, which, like the scalar, are recognized as one of the most undemanding. They are small and mobile, have a striped color and are well contained in the flocks.

If you have a few such fish, they can live in banks of 2-6 liters. They will also look attractive in a flock, especially if they are kept in a large aquarium.

Very beautiful aquarium fish for beginners. neon. They are small and very attractive color. From head to tail all over the body of the animal is a luminous strip of bright blue hue, which was the reason for their name. These fish are also schooling and can be suitable for any aquarium, even the most beginners.

Popular Betta Fish

For aquarists who do not know where to start, a labyrinth family of fish will do. The best known among them are Betta Fish, also called fighting fish. Especially beautiful are males. This type breathes atmospheric air, which the fish seizes by mouth from the surface of the water. Therefore, there is no need for aeration.

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Males are quite aggressive, because it is better not to keep two males together. some of them will sooner or later kill the other.

Betta Fish are considered very unpretentious. They can be kept in a small round aquarium. There is only one rule: it is better not to put them together with fish that have long beautiful tails, since the last Betta Fish will be perceived as competitors and can be bitten off by their fins.

Aquarium catfish

Among the beginning avkvariumistov very popular various aquarium catfish. First of all, among them you need to remember the antsistrusov. They are undemanding, can get along with other species, and are also considered to be excellent aquarium cleaners. The same can be said about the different aquatic sequences. They will need a larger aquarium than for the ancistrus, because they are active and mobile.

What To Choose Unpretentious Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Small fishes, ready to please aquarists with their simplicity and vitality, are catfish corridors.

Other catfish are also known. the Coridoras family. They are very funny and attractive in appearance. These fish have whiskers that are pointing down. Thanks to him, they can easily collect food from the bottom. These pets can get along with all other types of fish. They probably have only one minus. such catfish can raise a lot of turbidity, because they like to rummage in the aquarium soil.

If there is enough space in your tank and you want to have bigger pets, pay attention to Taraktum. Although these catfish are large, they are considered peaceful. Have two pairs of long and short antennae. Live and eat at the bottom. Also love to raise the dregs, digging in the ground.

General tips for a novice aquarist

Try not to overpower the aquarium. It is important that the number of fish and the volume of the aquarium are properly related. There is a simple formula for calculating: for one fish with a length of 1 centimeter you need at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid. But here it is also worth clarifying that the fish are growing. Therefore, you need to choose the size of the aquarium, considering how much your pets will increase in size.

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The larger the fish, the smaller its amount you can get in the aquarium. So you can maintain biological balance at a normal level, and maintain the health of your fish.

Correctly pick and number of plants. They should occupy about a quarter of the aquarium area. Do not underestimate their value: they absorb the harmful ammonia released by the fish. But their strong density can also be dangerous, since it affects the level of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and can change the acidity of water. Here, as in everything else, measure is good.

Need to change the water in the aquarium. This should be done every 4-5 days. The volume of water that requires replacement. a quarter of all the liquid in the aquarium. This will help maintain cleanliness and prevent the aquarium from turning into a swamp.

What To Choose Unpretentious Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Feeding the fish should occur an hour after the lights were turned on in the morning or the natural light illuminated the aquarium. At this time, the fish become the most active and they need food.

Fish require proper feeding. They do not need to be fed more than twice a day. The amount of poop fish should eat in five minutes. It is better to have a varied food: use live, vegetable and granulated food. Remember about vitamins.

It is also very important to monitor the indicators of water and the behavior of the fish. To keep the water in the aquarium fresh, in addition to changing the liquid itself, you need to clean the bottom. Do not turn off the compressor at night, as the amount of oxygen can be significantly reduced. It is also important to apply a filter.

Thus, keeping fish in an aquarium is not so difficult even for a novice aquarist. Choose the right pets, and provide all the necessary conditions, and then they will delight you with their health, beauty and fun behavior.

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