What To Choose For The Diet Betta Fish

How to feed betta fish? When buying such a popular and bright type of aquarium fish like Betta Fish, it will be very useful to know in advance which Betta Fish special food should be chosen, at least for the first time, and how to properly feed the Betta Fish fish in the future.

After settling a new inhabitant in an aquarium, we take some responsibility for the little newcomer. Well, we will understand this article.

Siamese Betta Fish, who is it?

Siamese Betta Fish, also known as Fight Fish (Betta splendens). Most likely, any owner of the aquarium is familiar with this very beautiful and quite capricious view of the aquarium inhabitants.

This frequenter of domestic aquariums actually comes from Asian water expanses, and its recognition among aquarists is obviously obliged by its “active lifestyle”, because it is always more interesting to watch the lively, vibrant behavior of this fish, rather than the monotony of others. calm species.

At the same time, many beginners as well as fairly experienced aquarium owners make traditional mistakes regarding the organization of the feeding process of their pets, often without realizing why the result of their unlimited care was the illness or even the death of a small pet. But it is very important to know which diet is habitual for Betta Fish, and how, in fact, to distribute the daily menu, these are by no means suffering from lack of appetite and a glutton.

Do not put your finger in the water if Betta Fish is hungry!

This advice, of course, is given in jest, but is only an exaggeration. Yes, Betta Fish is very voracious, and this fact must be taken into account when buying this type. There is nothing special to be surprised here, because Betta splendens is omnivorous, including a predator and very active. Like most not only fish, but also animals, this species is characterized by a pronounced food search instinct.

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It should be borne in mind that, being placed in an aquarium, this bustling handsome man does not acquire a domestic character like social animals, like a dog or a cat. He retains almost all of his natural habits and instincts, while not having the usual territorial scale for the movement.

Do not feed your aquarium pets.

If over time you notice a swelling in the abdomen area of ​​your pet, at the same time Betta Fish loses in its usual activity, or even less appetite. this means that he is sick. This is most likely due to overeating, caused by excessive amounts of the food offered.

Betta Fish can also spit out food, as if his throat is sore, and this is also a symptom of overfeeding. Too much to eat at one time, and therefore spits out.

And since a fish does not know how to follow its diet and usually eats as much as it is given, this obligation is initially assigned to its owner. This is important not to forget, because an excess of food often has very detrimental consequences, including the death of your ward.

We are determined with a one-time norm of feed for a fighting fish

What To Choose For The Diet Betta Fish

So, one of the first tasks of the owner of the aquarium is to determine the daily feed rate for Betta Fish. Finding out how much food you need to pour into the aquarium at a time is not at all difficult. You just have to keep track of how much Betta Fish eats during the first 2, maximum 5 minutes.

This is an acceptable and harmless single serving for Betta Fish, the rest of the food must be carefully collected from the surface of the water, because even if the fish do not eat these surpluses, they will decompose and poison the living environment of your pets.

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Daily amount of feeders for Betta Fish

Speaking about how many times a day we will need to approach the aquarium in order to feed the fish, we immediately note that this species does not require multiple daily tables. Betta Fishm will be enough for two, or even one feed per day. Excess food only hurts them.

Moreover, it would be reasonable to arrange something like a fasting day once a week for your wards. This maneuver will go only for the future, allowing you to carry out a complete natural cleansing of the body, to perform a kind of reboot of the digestive system of the aquarium occupant.

Choosing food for the Siamese Betta Fish

As already mentioned, Betta splendens is an omnivorous fish. At the same time, it is more of a predator, and therefore the basis of its diet is protein food. In the wild, the Siamese Betta Fish feeds on small crustaceans (Artemia, benthos, daphnia, etc.), bloodworms, various worms, as well as insects and their larvae that have fallen into the water, without disdaining vegetable food.

Thus, the main recommended menu will be as follows:

  • food in pellets for Betta Fish (the best option, it can be considered the main one, and it is quite suitable for daily use);
  • special dry flakes for aquarium fish (more suitable for periodic inclusion in the diet, not on a regular basis);
  • frozen natural food (one of the best options, because bloodworms, worm, insect larvae. all this is natural natural food from Betta Fish, and frozen food can reduce the possibility of infection with a dangerous infection that can be contained in these organisms);
  • live food (a real delicacy for your aquarium pet, but it is necessary to take into account some of the danger of infection by harmful microorganisms, so a frozen version of live food will be preferable);
  • dried natural food (suitable for daily use);
  • sterilized boiling water leaves algae.
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It is also worth noting that in the diet of adults it will be more reasonable to maintain a constant variety even on the scale of the day, than to feed them for several days only with granules or dry flakes. With monotonous feeding significantly increases the likelihood of various troubles related to the health of your wards.

What and how often feed young betta fish

Feeding barely hatched fry of this species differs from feeding of an adult individual. Plankton is a natural natural food for a very young shoots.

Only over time, already a few grown-up fry can be carefully tried to give necessarily live natural food, it is best to feed with moth or Artemia. And you also need to know that the frequency of feeding young animals is much higher in comparison with adults and is 4-6 times a day.


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the care of the Siamese Betta Fish is not associated with any overwhelming ordinary aquarist cares. On the contrary, this kind of very unpretentious.

At the same time, one of the most important aspects of its proper maintenance should be the acquisition of some knowledge about the proper organization of feeding these bright handsome men, which will surely become the key to their successful and healthy maintenance.

Thus, we figured out how to feed a fish, what its natural diet consists of and how badly our ignorance of these basic nuances of its content could turn out to be.

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