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What do snails eat in an aquarium: helpers or pests?

Freshwater snails may sooner or later appear in any aquarium for no apparent reason. What do snails eat in an aquarium, when nobody specifically cares about them?

Tip 1: How to feed the aquarium snail

Most often freshwater snails fall into the aquarium with fish in the form of caviar on the leaves of plants. Snail caviar is very small and extremely difficult to detect. Tiny snails appear from nowhere. Many of their types are quite decorative, and do not want to get rid of them. But the logical question is: if the snails got into the aquarium, what do they eat there?

What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

What do snails of different species eat in an aquarium?

There are many types of freshwater snails. They all feed mostly of every kind waste and residues feed for fish, bacterial and algal raids, dying plant parts. We will tell you in more detail what types of snails are found in aquariums more often than others and what they eat.

Ampularia. “snail-apples” or “Cinderella,” large tropical snails. They are quite beautiful, they are bred in aquariums specifically. Accidentally they are rarely recorded.

Ampulyaria feed on algae, dead parts of leaves, bacterial fouling. But large ampoule species enjoy food and healthy plants. So that your underwater garden doesn’t turn into a desert overnight, you should clarify the species of your ampulyarias and feed them extra plant food: cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, which are better to scald with boiling water.

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What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

Horn coil. snail with a spiral-twisted dark brown shell up to 3 cm in diameter. The most frequent uninvited guest in the aquarium.

Coil snails in an aquarium eat the same as in nature, namely algae and bacterial deposits. They do not harm plants, therefore, their presence can be reconciled (especially since they contribute to the cleaning of the aquarium). Although antsistrusy cope with the bloom better, from the coils remain on the glass "tracks".

What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

Melania. a snail with a cone-shaped shell up to 3 cm long. They usually live in the soil of the aquarium.

These snails do not harm plants, but, on the contrary, benefit them, loosening the soil. They feed on organic sediments and food residues lying between the stones.

What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

Zhivorodka River has a rounded cone-shaped shell up to 5 cm long greenish-brown color with black stripes.

Zhivorodki snails. peaceful neighbors. They feed on dead leaves and food residues. They usually don’t touch fish eggs, so they can be used for cleaning spawning.

Unwanted Aquarium Guests

Physical. small snails with a left-handed transparent shell.

Fizy are pretty beautiful, but these snails in the aquarium feed on plants.

What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

Prudoviki. large snails grow to 5 cm

Prudoviki are not very decorative and can damage plants. In addition, they are dangerous because infect fish parasites.

What Snails Eat In The Aquarium

If snails are very fertile in your tank, it means that you overfeeding fish and a lot of feed settles on the bottom. If the snails in the aquarium do not have enough food, they will not die. after all, there will always be some algae for survival. But their number and size will be significantly less.

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You can try to avoid the appearance of snails in the main aquarium by keeping purchased plants in quarantine for 2-4 weeks. When tiny snails emerge from the roe, you will surely be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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