What Should Be An Aquarium For Fish

It is extremely difficult for a beginner who gets a fish for the first time to choose an aquarium. He cannot know for sure how well the fish will feel in the habitat that will be created for them. Not being experienced in this area, the beginner simply does not know all the factors that can affect the inhabitants of the artificially formed environment.

What Should Be An Aquarium For Fish

What is the "right aquarium"?

The “right aquarium” should imitate the natural habitat of fish as accurately as possible. At the same time there are no exact criteria that 100% prescribe the use of containers with a certain landscape and level of illumination, as well as other parameters. In an artificial environment, parameters that are optimal for the habitat of a particular species of fish should be simulated. This is the main secret that a novice must remember. He can create an appropriate habitat for a certain type of living creatures in an aquarium.

How to choose the aquarium itself? Here you can be guided by the recommendations of experts. Experts have found that the optimal shape of the aquarium is rectangular, this design format is better suited for the maintenance of living creatures. The least preferred option. the design of a round shape. It is inconvenient for both the owner and the fish. Round glass distorts the picture.

Scope of construction

The volume of the aquarium is always a difficult topic for beginning aquarists. Large models are expensive, you need to buy them with a suitable stand. At the same time, newcomers are not always sure that they will be engaged in fish breeding for a long time. Experts say that when choosing an aquarium the following rule works correctly: the more capacity the better. The optimum volume. from 100 liters. It is also important to consider which fish you plan to breed. But 100 liters is the starting volume of a good aquarium. Less is not worth taking, more is possible.

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It is better to buy the cupboard in a set together with an aquarium, and it is desirable to take models from proven manufacturers. If an aquarium with a volume of 100 liters falls, you will not find it. And your neighbors, by the way, too. Reliable manufacturers produce high-quality pedestals with a safety margin that will not break during operation.

Equipment for aquarium

Filtration, heating, lighting and aeration systems should be installed in the aquarium. High-quality and properly selected equipment is the key to the well-being of aquatic inhabitants. In a good large aquarium requires an external filter that can work along with the internal. It is better to select the external filter with the presence of a biological filtration system. The more powerful and serious the filtering system, the cleaner the water in the aquarium.

When choosing a lighting system for an aquarium, it is important to remember not only about the fish. there are other inhabitants in the environment. For example, aquatic plants may need to highlight a certain power and spectrum. Such trifles must be specified before selecting equipment for an aquarium.

It is important to consider another nuance. Fishes are launched into the aquarium last. First they buy a container, fill it, place it inside the plant and decorative elements, connect external systems. And only after the microenvironment has been formed, you can buy and run the fish. Live animals can not withstand temperature fluctuations and inappropriate living conditions. Do not expose the fish to such a test. it is better to form their environment in advance.

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