What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium For Fish Features And Recommendations

Breeding aquarium fish is one of the most common hobbies in the world. It is not surprising, because the aquarium increases the humidity in the room, which is very important in modern large cities, and the fish allow you to calm down and relax after a hard day’s work. But to avoid unpleasant consequences, every novice lover should know how to pour water into the aquarium.

Why is the preparation of water for the aquarium important?

Any water has certain characteristics: hardness, the presence of impurities and microorganisms. Some species of fish are able to adapt to almost any. in this case there is no difference what kind of water to pour into the aquarium. Still, most breeds have certain preferences.

What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium For Fish Features And Recommendations

Most people reading this article live in cities. To get here river or well water is very problematic, and to fill the aquarium with purified bottled water is troublesome and expensive. Therefore, there is only one way out. to use cold water from the tap. And here there are problems.

To purify water from dangerous microorganisms, it is chlorinated. And chlorine is a real poison. True, it is added to the water in very small quantities. A typical chlorine concentration is 0.3 milligram per liter. Even for a person it is quite harmful, therefore it is recommended to boil water. And for fish, even very unpretentious, a concentration of 0.25 milligram per liter is fatal. Chlorine will damage their gills, and they will die a slow, painful death. Therefore, the question of what kind of water to pour into the aquarium for fish is not at all idle. you need to deal with it first.

Fill the aquarium for the first time

If you have just purchased an aquarium and have not yet launched fish there, have not planted algae, and are only going to fill it for the first time, especially carefully study this item.

To begin with, the aquarium should be simply flushed from the inside. to get rid of dust and any possible contamination. You do not need to use detergents. a regular clean and damp sponge will do. After that, you can lay a specially prepared soil. And after that. boldly pour water straight from the tap. Then you need to leave it for a few days to evaporate chlorine. Fortunately, it quickly evaporates from water at room temperature.

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The water will probably begin to "bloom" and become turbid. Do not worry, it is quite natural. microorganisms that have fallen into the aquarium, multiply rapidly, but will soon die without a trace. Now you can land algae and run the first fish.

Simple sucks

Another question. what kind of water to fill in the aquarium, when there already live fish. After all, chlorine is still a serious threat to the inhabitants.

In this case, the usual upholding will do. Take a suitable container with enamelled coating. its surface should be maximal so that chlorine evaporates faster. Therefore, five-liter bottles will not work. water will get rid of harmful substances for at least several weeks. Of course, the ideal option. a metal basin. But it takes a lot of space, working with it is inconvenient, and it also holds a relatively small amount of water. Because of this, experienced breeders use ordinary buckets.

What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium For Fish Features And Recommendations

After drawing water, just leave the bucket in a place where it will not disturb anyone. The ideal option is near the radiator so that the chlorine evaporates faster. In this case, before pouring water into the aquarium, cool it to room temperature.

Water for pregnant females and fry

Another important question that torments many newbies is: "What kind of water can be poured into an aquarium where pregnant females and young animals will live?" It is not as simple as it may seem. Ordinary water after sludge does not fit. it does not have the usual and vital microorganisms.

Therefore, the best solution is to use the existing water from the aquarium. Just fill a small spawning aquarium from the main one, and restore the water loss by pouring fresh water, which was settled in buckets.

This will allow you to immediately create a "live" atmosphere in the aquarium. the fish in it will be much more comfortable than in the fresh.

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Solve the problem of stiffness

Often, people are interested in what kind of water you need to fill in the aquarium, mean rigidity. Indeed, this parameter seriously affects the fish, their health and their lifespan. Too soft water leads to salt deficiency. fish grow slowly, females often die after childbirth. A high content of calcium and magnesium salts often causes numerous diseases, and the percentage of eggs that have successfully hatched decreases sharply. How to be in this situation?

Fortunately, there is a solution. If the water flowing from the tap is too soft. dissolve in each bucket a small amount of chalk, which is used in schools. This is natural limestone that does not pose a hazard and maintains water hardness at the proper level.

You can also put on the bottom of the aquarium a few beautiful shells. only real, not plastic and not ceramic. Experienced aquarists do not put them at all because of the beauty. the limestone is gradually washed out of them, increasing the rigidity. On sale there are still special additives, but you can not always find them. As you see, the question of what kind of water should be poured into the aquarium, if from the tap too hard flows, it is quite easily solved.

With increased rigidity to fight harder. You can boil it, but it is a rather complicated process, especially if the volume of the aquarium is not 50-60 liters, but several hundred. But if you land a hatch, elodea and valissenia in your tank, the problem will be partially solved. The fact is that these algae actively pull salts out of the water, precipitating them on their leaves.

How much water to change at a time

Another important nuance. Some beginners think that when cleaning the aquarium the water is completely removed and it fills up again. This is a huge mistake. Several of these substitutions fish still survive, but will often hurt. And then they can begin to die en masse. Complete water replacement is a huge stress. This should be remembered by every novice aquarist who wants his household to be pleasing to the eyes of friends and to cause envy among detractors.

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What Kind Of Water To Pour Into The Aquarium For Fish Features And Recommendations

In fact, during the weekly cleaning, no more than 20% of the water is removed. Using a hose with a metal nozzle, gently walk along the bottom of the aquarium. Experienced aquarists even deliberately set it at an angle so that the uneaten food and waste of small fish accumulate in one corner. Absorb the water along with the litter (be careful not to accidentally pull in a fry-up fish) to get a bucket or two. It is simply to pour or use it for watering the flowers. the microorganisms and trace elements contained in this water will only benefit the green animals. Well, in the aquarium fill with fresh water, purified from chlorine by settling.

We take care of a Dutch type aquarium

Well, with what kind of water you need to fill the aquarium fish, we figured it out. But what kind of water does algae need? The question is not funny at all, but very serious. The fact is that today Dutch-style aquariums are quite common. here the main inhabitants are algae, not fish. The latter either play a decorative function or are absent altogether.

And plants need carbon dioxide, which they process in the process of photosynthesis. If there are no fish, there is no gas. How to be? The problem is solved quite easily. Once a week, pour a couple of glasses of sparkling water into the aquarium. Of course, not mineral, and certainly not sweet. Plain water with bubbles. It contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which will provide plants with a comfortable life and rapid growth.


We tried to find out as thoroughly as possible what water to pour into the aquarium. Now you know not only about the methods of preparation, but also sorted out with the Dutch aquariums and learned a little about cleaning. Surely this information will allow you to create a truly luxurious aquarium and maintain perfect order in it.

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