What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have

What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have

In the world there are a huge number of varieties of aquarium fish. There are so many of them that even experienced aquarists sometimes get lost. But how difficult is it for newcomers who know almost nothing about the little underwater inhabitants and equip the aquarium from scratch! What kind of fish to get a beginner, how not to make a mistake?

What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have

Some fish live in fresh water, others. in salty. Some are peaceful, while others are notorious aggressors. Fish can be sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in water performance, and they can easily adapt. Such features and needs of pets should form the basis of your choice.

For the first aquarium, it is better to choose the most unpretentious fish. If you plan to stay on several varieties, make sure that the selected fish are compatible, i.e. can live in the same aquarium.

The main points to pay attention to are:

climatic conditions (fresh, brackish or sea water);

water parameters (hardness, acidity, etc.);

layers of habitat (there are fish that live on the bottom, in the middle layers of water or swim near the surface. they must be evenly distributed);

eating habits, temperament and size of fish (you do not want some of your pets turned into a dinner for others?).

Examine special fish compatibility charts. These are great helpers who give confidence and hedge. We recommend to check with them more often!

What kind of fish to get a beginner?

The best choice for a beginner aquarist is peace-loving, unpretentious fish that require standard care. Fortunately, there are many of them and many of them are very bright, active and beautiful. What you need for a spectacular aquarium!

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The top 10 aquarium fish for a beginner definitely include:

What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have

All these fish are quite loyal to the parameters of water, unpretentious in the diet and are ideal for the first experience. But do not rush to collect them all in one aquarium, this is a very bad idea! It is better to choose 1-3 compatible varieties. For example, goldfish, guppies and catfish get along well together.

Every newcomer should learn one golden rule: first information, then purchase. Do not purchase an aquarium, equipment, and especially pets, until you have studied the necessary information and do not make a choice. Read forums, communicate with breeders and fish owners. The more information you know, the less unpleasant surprises await you in the future.

Be careful, and the aquarium of your dreams with happy fish will delight you every day!

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