What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have In The Aquarium

What kind of fish is better to start in an aquarium for beginners, one of the main questions asked by those who decided to join the amazing underwater world. There are plenty of subtleties in this matter, starting from the choice of the aquarium, its launch, and ending with the acquisition and care of the fish. But let’s talk about the choice of fish.

No need to throw large sums of money into the wind and buy exotic species that require special care, skills and knowledge. In order not to be disappointed in this matter, you should start with the simplest unpretentious species, which will give you the opportunity to gain experience and do not require thorough care.

Fish for beginners. types

Among the undemanding fish there are many bright and spectacular ones that will make your aquarium stylish and beautiful.

one. Guppy. By unpretentiousness, these charming fish are in the first place. It is known that they even mastered the cosmos and transferred it very well, and what can we say about the home aquarium? Moreover, it was noted that they feel much better in it than in natural waters. And if the guppy females look rather modest, the males are distinguished by a variety of colors.
2 Barbusses. These beautiful striped fish also do not require any special care, but can bring chic into the aquarium, because there are about 200 species, each of which looks very impressive. True, they can pester their neighbors, because they like to pinch filiform fins, but otherwise behave immaculately.
3 Danio. But these small schooling fish have a very peace-loving character. The only thing that can cause concern, their irrepressible jumping ability, so do not forget to cover the aquarium with a lid. And if the water in the aquarium is constantly fresh, then more they do not need anything.
four. Swordtails. Like Danio, they love to jump out, but they behave remarkably with their neighbors and get on with almost any kind of fish.
five. Somics. Someone will say that these speckled fishes do not shine with beauty, but they are friendly and perfectly take root in any aquarium, and besides this, they are very useful, as they are still engaged in cleaning their water housing.
6 Gourami. Beautiful and very mobile fish, and they can even breathe atmospheric oxygen, so if you want to start them, take care of access to the aquarium of fresh air.

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In order not to make mistakes from the first steps and not to ruin your pets, you will have enough of these fish at first, especially with all their unpretentiousness, and they also require a certain attention and care.

Small aquarium. which fish to get

Often, beginners are interested in what kind of fish to have in a small aquarium? But, if you think that a small capacity will save you from many problems, then this opinion is erroneous. Such a dwelling for fish is much more difficult to maintain than a large aquarium, because it is difficult to maintain a certain temperature in it, and even provide a lot of things that are required for the comfort of the fish. But, nevertheless, there are cases when you need only such an aquarium, so you should know what fish will take root in it. And this is again those mentioned above, but guppies, barbs or catfish are best suited for a small container.

And those who reflect on what kind of fish to have in a round aquarium, because such a form is very often used to decorate the desktop as an element of decor, should know that here it is necessary to dwell on certain types, because it will look effectively one individual. It can be Betta Fish or a goldfish.

How often to wash the aquarium

Newbies in particular want to create excellent conditions for their pets, and therefore are interested in caring not only for them, but also for their homes. There are no strict rules on this. Of course, the glass house with a capacity of 10-15 liters will have to be washed once a week, and large aquariums of 50 liters or more require washing once every two weeks.

What Kind Of Fish Is Better To Have In The Aquarium

Regular periodic cleaning includes washing the turbine with running water, cleaning the glass walls and replacing 1/5 of the water. Moreover, the fish for this procedure to catch and move to another container is not necessary.

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If we are talking about restarting the aquarium, then in this case the approach is different:

  • fish is caught, and water is drained;
  • thoroughly washed algae;
  • clean the filter from dirt and mucus using cotton swabs and an old toothbrush;
  • the glasses are washed away from the plaque with a solution of soda and cleaned with a special scraper or kitchen sponge;
  • ground clean siphon.

After the glass house for the fish has been cleaned, the ground, the decor and the plants are again laid in it, water is poured in and the fish are launched.

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