What Kind Of Fish Can Not Be Placed In The Same Tank Together

Often, novice aquarists pick up fish for their tank by external signs. However, this is a completely wrong selection criterion, which in the future may adversely affect the health and vitality of pets. In order to decide which fish should be purchased, it is necessary to study the biological and behavioral characteristics of each of the desired breeds.

It is not recommended to start fish that differ from each other by the specific food. Individuals can differ not only in their gastronomic habits, but also in the rate of food intake, as well as in the horizon of the search for food. Since the owner’s task is to feed all the inhabitants of the aquarium, it is important to ensure that no pet remains deprived of food.
According to the specifics of feeding, all fish are divided into predators, herbivorous, omnivorous, and there are also transitional forms. Predators have a large stomach and a shortened intestine, herbivores have a very long intestine, and omnivores are characterized by a medium-length intestine. These biological features must be considered when choosing food for aquarium fish.
Different temperament of fish affects the rate of absorption of food. All fish can be divided into calm, temperamental and aggressive. Representatives of these groups can coexist with each other with the proper selection of compatible individuals. For example, the fabulous fish may reside with other leisurely relatives, but they should not be taken to ordinary fin fish. If the aquarium is inhabited by pets of a similar nature, you should use a feeder. If the neighbors in the same territory are fish with different types of temperament, then it is more expedient to use loose food or several different feeds at a time.
Fish also vary depending on the horizon of the search for food. Some individuals prefer to eat in the upper layers of water, others. in the middle, there are also bottom fish. Pets feeding on the surface of the water will not take food from the bottom representatives of the species. So the bottom fish will be completely indifferent to food scattered at the top. However, if there are fish in an aquarium that prefer to dwell in the lower water layers, the number of temperamental and aggressive pets who seek food in the upper and middle layers of the water should not be too large.

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According to the degree of aggressiveness of the fish are divided into peace-loving and predators. Also aggressive can be considered territorial fish and some representatives of the species during spawning. When settling an aquarium with peace-loving and predatory fish, it is necessary to focus on their distribution over different horizons of habitat in order to avoid collisions between individuals. It is also necessary to understand that not only predatory fish are incapable of coexisting conflict-free with each other, but many types of peace-loving fish can also be hostile. For example, gourami and Betta Fish will constantly attack guppies.

What Kind Of Fish Can Not Be Placed In The Same Tank Together

It is advisable to select such aquarium pets, which will be of similar size, as small fish will always be in danger, which for them represent larger individuals.

Such representatives of the species who need completely different conditions of detention are categorically not suitable for living together. For example, if some fish need sour and soft water, and others need fresh alkaline and hard water.

What Kind Of Fish Can Not Be Placed In The Same Tank Together

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