What Kind Of Fish Can Live In An Aquarium

Aquaria. one of the most common hobbies. Aquarium harmoniously fits into the interior of any room, representing a part of a colorful, fantastic underwater world.

Aquarium fish with their graceful movements allow you to relax, forgetting about all the troubles and anxieties, undulating movements of plants create comfort and peace. Aquarium, as an exotic island of nature will amaze and delight the eye. Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world of aquarium. Every aquarium, small or large, is attractive in its own way. Aquarium fish is a fantastic wealth of colors and shapes, an exciting variety of life and behavior.

The aquarium not only teaches observation, but also fosters love and respect for all living things, instills accuracy in handling it.

The value of the aquarium is invaluable. So, in particular, New York doctors, who investigated the effect of an aquarium on a person, came to the conclusion that contemplation of fish, which are quietly swimming in an aquarium, is an effective remedy for insomnia and relieving stressful states. For this reason, videos with "aquarium scenes" are sold in pharmacies in New York that soothe and reduce blood pressure. The video is used in hospitals, in dentists. Fish. one of the most beautiful pets. Passion for the aquarium is a hobby that comes in at any age. The maintenance of aquarium fish is one of the most interesting and exciting activities, it not only brings joy and pleasure, but can also teach a lot. At home you can create a small underwater world. Aquarium fish will give you a lot of positive emotions, sitting next to the aquarium and looking at the fish you can easily forget about your fatigue.

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Thanks to all this, my mother and I decided to start a fish at home. Our choice fell on a family of goldfish. The shape of the body of gold fish looks like a crucian, but unlike him, it is more resistant. It adapts very well to the peculiarities of the aquarium life and has a bright color. The color of goldfish is different: from bright red to dark purple and black stripes. There are also small fish with silver and gold glitter, with a variety of patterns and specks on the abdomen of any shape. The length is also different. I have settled in the aquarium: KAMETA and RED

CAP. Goldfish was one of the first domesticated fish and to this day remains one of the most popular for keeping in aquariums and water gardens. A relatively small representative of the carp family, the goldfish is a domesticated version of the goldfish, which was brought to Europe in the seventeenth century, as a result of the work of Chinese breeders. A goldfish is considered a cold-water type of fish, but this does not mean that it easily tolerates temperature extremes. Temperatures above 25 ° C can be dangerous for goldfish. The notoriety of goldfish, as those who have not lived for a long time, arose because of not enough good care for them. Goldfish. a terrible glutton, in order to avoid obesity, we feed no more than once a day. At registration of a reservoir it is recommended to use loose small-fraction soil, stones, snags, live or plastic plants, including floating. Goldfish quickly get used to people. Within a few weeks, they stopped seeing us and mom as a danger, and they could be fed from the arm. Some time after landing in an aquarium, goldfish showed aggression towards each other, but then they got used to it and even acquired similar behavioral reactions. They feed on both live food and dry substitutes. But sometimes we feed the fish and dry grated meat, bread, cereals, cheese.

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One of the main requirements for the maintenance of a goldfish is a good aeration of the aquarium. The main factor of living for fish is, of course, water. First of all, it must be defended. How much water to defend depends on the type of fish, as some fresh water after daily sludge does not suit at all. After the preventive cleaning of the aquarium, the water should not be changed often and in full.

Fresh purified water is poured into the container in small portions and only after pre-cleaning the bottom. The change of water occurs approximately once a week, and no more than one third of the water is renewed. In the aquarium must be installed aerator. Air supply must be at least eight hours a day. If it is transferred to the round-the-clock, or at least 12-hour mode, then one and a half times more fish can be settled in the aquarium than is provided for by the usual norms (1 liter of water per centimeter of fish).

Also in my tank lives snail "DUSYA". I love her so much. The diameter of its shell does not exceed 5 cm. An aquarium with such snails should not be added 7-8 cm to the edge of the water and should be tightly covered, as they can “run away”. We have this happened once, but we discovered the loss in time, and Dusya returned to the aquarium.

What Kind Of Fish Can Live In An Aquarium

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