What Kind Of Fish Can Be Shared With A Lotus In The Aquarium

Let’s first understand what kind of lotus have you purchased? The fact is that some aquarium amateur hobbyists plant wild lotus plants at home that they are trying to grow from rhizomes dug up somewhere in the Far East or in the Astrakhan region. Under good conditions. large, 300. 800 liters, aquariums, good illumination, the correct temperature regime. such lotuses often take root and grow well. But the problem is that after a year or two, these plants fill the aquarium to such an extent that almost nothing else can grow there. Can you imagine how big leaves a lotus has? And those who grow fish and other aquatic animals in an aquarium are forced to get rid of an aggressively growing flower, no matter how sorry it is.


Lotus is the common name for the plant family Nymphaeaceae, or Nymphaeaceae. Aquarists, and even those who like to make lakes or small ponds at their country site, are often addicted to breeding tiger lotus. The advantages of this type for a small pond or aquarium are obvious: the leaves do not climb to the surface and do not close the mirror of the water from the light, but are beautifully located in the thickness without interfering with the light to penetrate inside. For aquarists, this fact is very important. The tiger nymphea is a very beautiful plant, it will not yield to the usual lotus at all.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Shared With A Lotus In The Aquarium

From the foregoing, I can assume that you purchased the tiger lotus as the owner of the aquarium.

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Now about the fish and their compatibility with the lotus

Since the lotus is a rather big plant, all kinds of goldfish feel quite well on its bosom: orandes, veils, telescopes, shubunkins. All of them are derived from the same ancestor. the Chinese silverfish, so it should be remembered that it is not recommended to keep them all together at once, because in the process of cross-breeding they risk degenerating into their original form. That is, instead of all this variety of forms, in 3. 5 years you can get the "original source". that same Chinese crucian.

Goldfish are very sluggish and voracious creatures that, like the cows in the meadow, cut out all the vegetation that they liked. So you can start them only in an aquarium with an already well-developed lotus in order to avoid biting and death of the plant.

Who to settle with goldfish

Neighborhood goldfish well constitute numerous species of bottom dwellers, various catfish: speckled catfish corridors, catfish sucker antsistrus, fighting, green catfish brochis, akantoftalmusy, tarakatumy and many others. Their compatibility is excellent. I will note only that there are several types of aggressive catfish (modest’s fight, for example), which can easily snap a little gold. So pay attention to the type of catfish and consult with the seller before buying. A plus of the cohabitation of these breeds can be called the aspenzatorian talent of bottom fish. all gold excrement, which, due to active feeding, constantly defecates, will be cleaned up as soon as possible.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Shared With A Lotus In The Aquarium

To avoid eating your lotus with goldfish, I can advise you to feed them with plant food. For example, a couple of times a week carry a little green duckweed from another aquarium. You can supplement the aquatic flora with such a plant base as microsoria, anubiasa, cryptocorynes and all sorts of mosses, which, like the lotus, do not risk being "trimmed" with a goldfish.

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Successes to you in hard and such a wonderful hobby. aquarism!

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