What Kind Of Fish Can Be Placed In The Aquarium

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Placed In The Aquarium

Aquarium fish

Breeding of some breeds of fishes with the decorative purpose began to be engaged in Ancient China approximately in 1500 BC. Since then, scientists have succeeded a lot in the hybridization of aquarium fish and even developed several new breeds.

Today, in aquariums, many amateurs and professionals can meet representatives of the following families:

  • Cichlids
  • Carp
  • Pecilia
  • Characteristic
  • Aterin
  • Centering
  • Toothed
  • Labyrinth
  • Iridescents
  • Catfish
  • Sturgeon.

We will say a few words about the most common representatives of each of them.


A large family of aquarium fish, consisting of about 50 species. The most famous breed of this family are angelfish. Angelfish in nature live in South America in the Amazon and Orinoco basins. The length of the body is up to 20 cm, and the height of the fish (including the fins) can reach almost 30 cm. Under artificial conditions, their size strongly depends on the volume of the aquarium and rarely reaches 10 cm.

Angelfish. one of the most "ancient" aquarium breeds: they are bred for almost 100 years. As a result of many years of breeding work today, aquarium angelfish have the most diverse colors. They are striped, black, marble, gold, smoky, two- and three-colored, green. The veil form with even more elongated fins is also widespread.


No less diverse than cichlids, a family with an unusually respectable history. The oldest member of this aquarium family is gold fish. She is a golden or Chinese crucian. It was over the breeding of this decorative breed that the first ancient Chinese aquarists began to work, taking advantage of the variability of crucian in color and body shape. For the first time, a goldfish was imported to Russia in the middle of the 18th century.

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The main color of the body and fins is red-golden, but there are other varieties of color: pale pink, red, white, black, black and blue, yellow, dark bronze, fiery red.

These fish live for a long time. There are two varieties of them: long-bodied and short-bodied. The first ones live much longer and, with the right content, can easily live up to 30. 35 years, the life expectancy of the second is half as long. up to 15 years.


The family is not so numerous, but its representatives are no less sympathetic and loved by aquarists. One of the most famous species in this family is guppy. Remarkably beautiful fish of various colors.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Placed In The Aquarium

In nature, the habitat of the guppy is the North part of South America and the islands of Barbados and Trinidad. It is considered that guppies are very simple and unpretentious to keep, and for this very reason they are often advised to beginner aquarists. In general, the way it is, but over the years many varieties of guppies have been bred, quite demanding of conditions of detention. This must be remembered, settling them in your aquarium.

The males have guppies much brighter and have not only beautiful patterns, but also luxurious tails and fins, while the fins of females are short, the coloring is weak.

Another cute and widespread representative of this family. swordtail. In nature, this fish lives in Central America, Southern Mexico and Guatemala. It is found both in mountain rivers with a rapid flow, and in their lower reaches, as well as in lakes, marshes, lagoons.

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These fish have one extremely interesting feature: some adult females, including those that have repeatedly brought fry, can turn into males. The sex change in these fish is affected by a change in living conditions. A fish that has undergone a similar change is quite easy to distinguish. Her body shape is typical for the female, and the fins are much less developed than in the male. The transformation of the male into the female has not yet been encountered. Females that have become males, in most cases, do not produce offspring.


What Kind Of Fish Can Be Placed In The Aquarium

Of the representatives of this family, the fish will most likely be familiar neon. The color of these fish is green, blue, blue, black and red. In aquariums, fish live up to 5 years.

Neon green lives in slow-flowing streams, standing reservoirs of the Rio Negru river basin. Homeland neon red is Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. It mainly inhabits shallow forest streams and lakes of the upstream Rio Negru, as well as in the Orinoco tributaries. In the territory of the former USSR, neon red first hit in 1961. Neon black lives in slow-flowing rivers, standing bodies of water in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. These fishes were first introduced to Europe in 1961, to the USSR. in 1963.


One of the famous Russian aquarists representatives of this family. iridescent triple strip. The birthplace of the three-strip iris is the water bodies of northern Australia. Of all the iris the most beautiful and bright fish.

Body color largely depends on the habitat of the fish and its origin. In its coloring there are colors: golden, yellow, red, green, black and azure, and each tone can vary constantly. In bright light, the scales of the fish shimmer with a metallic sheen. On the sides are three strips. hence the name. Under natural conditions, the three-band iris can reach 18 cm, in an aquarium it grows up to 10 cm.

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We will tell about other families of aquarium fishes next time. We wish novice aquarists success in their wonderful, challenging and exciting hobby.

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