What Kind Of Fish Can Be Kept In The Aquarium

Every aquarist wants to know which fish can be kept with each other, and which are absolutely incompatible, here I will try to tell you about it.

When selecting fish for your aquarium, it is important to remember that fish species are very numerous and diverse. Therefore, the main thing is not to make the most common mistake and try to keep predators (for example, angelfish) with completely harmless fish (for example, hippies) in one tank. However, some fish can be dangerous not only for other fish, but also for the owner himself, for example, the electric eel Electrophorus spp. or piranha Serrasalmus spp. And some fish, for example, Piaractus pacu, Colossoma spp., Phractocephalus hemioliopterus red-tailed catfish, simply grow too large.

Your task is to find out as much as possible about the fish that you are going to keep, and to make a well-considered and informed decision whether this fish is suitable for your aquarium and whether they can get along well with the neighbors who already have or planned for future purchase.

Options fish compatibility:

Here are some reasons why a particular species of fish may not be suitable for a particular aquarium.

  • The fish is too large (either at the moment, or when it grows up) for this aquarium or in comparison with other fishes inhabiting the aquarium. Even if a large fish does not eat smaller, still smaller fish, in all likelihood, will fear for their lives if the much larger fish will be in the same aquarium.
  • A fish, even an adult, is too small to live with the rest of the fish, or it can even be eaten by other fish already present in the aquarium.
  • The fish is territorial and it needs more personal space than the size of the aquarium allows (example parrot).
  • The fish is predatory, that is, it eats other, smaller fish. This behavior is quite natural for fish whose diet in the wild consists of other fish. Many omnivorous fish also eat other fish, much smaller than themselves. However, this does not mean that predatory and omnivorous fish cannot be kept together with other fish. these others simply should not be too small.
  • Fish bites off other people’s fins. This is usually not a problem if you do not keep other fish with long, seductive fins in the same aquarium. Or, on the contrary, the fish itself has long, seductive fins, against which the fish already in the aquarium that have the habit of biting other people’s fins cannot resist.
  • The fish is too brisk and cannot get along with calm or too nervous fish, and vice versa.
  • Fish eats aquatic plants.
  • Fish buried in the ground. There is nothing terrible in this, but the aquarist may not wish to redo the interior of the aquarium again, as it will constantly dig up the plants.
  • Fish require fundamentally different environmental factors. the chemical composition of the water, its movement and temperature, lighting, and shelter. compared to other fish already present in the aquarium.
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It is very important to consider all of the above in a common relationship. If all the fish are about the same size, this does not mean that they are compatible. Even a small fish may need its own territory, and it can cause confusion in the aquarium. Fishes of two different species may require water of the same temperature, chemical composition and light, but they may be completely incompatible with respect to such a parameter as the movement of water if one of them lives in nature in lakes and the other in stormy rivers.

A very common mistake is to assume that if these species of fish live in nature together, then they can be kept together and in captivity. Most biotopes (part of the habitat of animals and plants, characterized by relatively homogeneous conditions) are inhabited by both large and small species. there are predators and their prey.

Another common mistake is to assume that fish of the same species will definitely get along well together. In many cases, especially when it comes to males, they see each other as rivals and can fight each other. The same applies to representatives of related species with similar shape and color.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Kept In The Aquarium

Certainly compatible with each other, those representatives of species of fish living in schools in natural conditions, necessarily need a society of their own kind. When fish congregate into shoals, this is their way to protect against a predator. Accordingly, these fish and in captivity should not be kept alone, she will be nervous and under stress.

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Some species of benthic fish, such as the Corydoras corridor and some loachworm fish, also live in groups. The reasons for this behavior are not yet fully understood, but such fish seem to feel better if they are provided with a society of their own kind.

Below is a table of compatibility of the main species of fish:

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