What Kind Of Aquarium Fish Start A Novice

Aquarium with colorful fish is a great decoration for any home, as well as a way to relax. Watching the fish moving in the clear water, the person calms down and relaxes.

What kind of aquarium fish start a novice? If you want to become the owner of cute pets that do not require special care, then give preference to the most unpretentious breeds.


Funny colorful fish, breeding well. Bought adult guppies-females will surely delight you in a short time with offspring. They feed on any food. They love algae. The main thing to watch out for is the composition of the water: it is suitable enough hard water, slightly alkaline. Increased salt content for them. it does not matter, much worse fresh water, which can destroy them. And yet: they can not be overfed, give them food strictly in moderation!

Speckled catfish

If you think what kind of aquarium fish to have, buy a few catfish. You will not regret. Friendly fish get along with any neighbors, the main thing for them is warm water: from 22 to 32 degrees. They do not even need to buy a separate feed. they eat any, intended for aquarium fish. However, if you want to pamper your pet, you should know: he will be delighted with a special catfish food sold in the form of tablets.


These beautiful fish owe their name to the sharp thin process on the tail, resembling a miniature sword. Balanced and unpretentious swordtails can adapt to any conditions, but still keep in mind: the water temperature in the aquarium should be at least 22-29 degrees. And do not take algae for your pets. this will give them pleasure.

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Gourami. a suitable choice for those who do not know what kind of aquarium fish to have to start. A rather large fish (adult males can grow up to 5 cm), it needs a spacious aquarium and filtered water. The more algae and other plants they have in an aquarium, the better, since they love to live among rich vegetation. Gourami coexist well with other breeds of fish, while they love to hunt insects that fly above the aquarium.

Cherry Barbus

A bright dark red fish is a very sociable inhabitant of an aquarium. Buy several individuals at once so that they do not get bored. Alkaline water is not suitable for them. much more they like acidified and warm enough. from 22 to 26 degrees. In the aquarium should be enough plants, and they will need a variety of food.


The cardinal fish is distinguished by its stamina and unpretentiousness; it can eat any proposed feed. You do not have to clean the aquarium often. the cardinals are very clean. At the same time, watching them is very interesting, especially if you immediately acquire several fish: they will chase each other and frolic in the aquarium. Forgot to fill the feed on time? It does not matter. the cardinals will wait for another feeding, feeding on algae. The ideal water temperature for them is 19-21 degrees.

Siamese betta fish

This is also a very hardy fish that you will not scare with either a small aquarium or the absence of a filter. Just take care of relatively warm water. they need at least 23 degrees. And yet: the bright, beautiful Siamese Betta Fish does not tolerate rivals, begins to show aggressiveness towards its brethren, therefore it is better if he swims in splendid isolation.

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This tropical fish looks very elegant and attractive. Mollies are not aggressive, easy to get along with other inhabitants of the aquarium, but do not like too salty water. They need warm water. 25-28 degrees, and you can feed them with worms, a variety of cereals and any vegetable food.

What kind of aquarium fish to start. it’s up to you, in any case, you will get the opportunity to observe their bizarre movements, resting from stress and feeling peace.

What Kind Of Aquarium Fish Start A Novice

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