What Fish Clean Aquarium

What Fish Clean Aquarium

When choosing a pet, we are guided by our free time, apartment size, walking opportunities, the amount of time needed and so on. But there are animals that require a minimum of cost and effort from us, but bring invaluable aesthetic benefits. Of course we are talking about an aquarium with fish. They do not need to walk, spend a lot of money on food or toys, as well as take care of them is nowhere easier.

For fish, the main thing is always a clean aquarium, a little food, a few secluded corners where you can hide, a couple of algae and an apparatus for air. And how nice it is in the evening, turning on the lights of the aquarium, drinking tea, to observe the life of these little aquatic creatures.

But for their comfortable existence you should not forget about the most important component. the cleanliness of your aquarium. We will not remind you of the need for regular washing, buying fresh algae, mandatory heating lamps. all this will be told to you when you buy fish. But it will be very important to buy not only beautiful fish, but also to take a couple of so-called orderlies fish. In the process of life of the fish in the aquarium, all sorts of algae begin to develop, which leave a dark color on the surface, both on the walls and on the pebbles of the aquarium. They create the appearance of dirt and uncleanedness, which in turn leads to more frequent washing of your aquarium. To avoid this, live aquarium cleaners are needed. Also, food debris is extremely negative for the transparency of the water and also causes the above-mentioned algae.

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Ancistrus ordinary

This fish is of the catfish species, which are simply created to assist in cleaning the aquarium. Creating a night, quite peaceful, but with a lack of food can get to the aquarium plants and eat them.


Panacea for those who have a lot of different plants in the aquarium, because the fish does not claim any of them. The exception will be young plants, but she touches them only when you completely forget to feed her. This fish cleans the aquarium well from green algae.

Girinoheil Siamese

This fish copes with the cleaning of stones or snags, very mobile and active. But you have to be careful with her, because if she suffers from a lack of free space, she can attack your pets and damage their scales.


These giant giants need special food, because, because of its absence, they will eat your aquarium plants. Such fish should be kept only in a large aquarium and away from the panak, because then the peaceful life of your aquarium is under serious threat.


Especially the royal Panak, reaches a large size and also, like the previous orderly, needs a large space. The fish is harmless, but does not know how to stand up for itself. Therefore, it is better to settle it in an aquarium only for peace-loving small fishes, preferably for a family of haracin.


Almost the only of their fish-orderlies, who quietly get along with predatory inhabitants of the depths. It is useful for clearing brown algae. On 100 liters of an aquarium of such individuals 3-4 pieces will be enough.

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Today, the pet owners of the aquarium. Fish destroys almost all types of algae, as well as "Vietnamese" on plants. Does not conflict with other fish, with the exception of their relatives.

But not only fish can take care of the purity of the aquarium. Also play a big role Japanese pond shrimp, but they require a large number, so that the aquarium is always clean. The main thing is to take care of all the inhabitants of your aquarium.

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