What Fish Are Suitable For An Aquarium

What Fish Are Suitable For An Aquarium

This fish house is classified as small. In a one-room apartment, for example, and this water kingdom allows you to enjoy and relax, if it is inhabited correctly.

About the relationship of the volume of the aquarium and the health of its inhabitants

No fish can "outgrow" the size of their home. After all, its maximum size laid by nature for each of the species. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that the inhabitants of fish houses grow throughout their lives: faster at a young age, more slowly. in old age. That is, the maximum size of all types of fish is determined initially. However, observations of aquarists indicate that in a spacious aquarium, they grow faster and reach larger sizes than in a small one.

The size of the fish house can affect the growth rate, the final size and the lifespan of its inhabitants. In a small there is not enough space for movement, and its inhabitants as a result of physical inactivity can suffer from diseases associated with low mobility. In such an aquarium, it is not very convenient to maintain cleanliness, feces and food debris accumulate in it faster, which means that the parameters of water also change. The smaller the size of the fish house, the faster the level of nitrates and nitrites and other compounds, which adversely affect the health of aquatic animals, increases there. Water parameters that do not suit them, cause loss of appetite. Small fish lack microelements, nutrients, grow slower, weaken, rather die. That is why it is so important to select the residents for a small amount of indoor water.

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Choosing the inhabitants for a small aquarium

In this will look great small residents, including viviparous. These are guppies who can be picked up in various colors. At 30 liters will be enough flocks of 15-20 such individuals. Swordtails and Picilians also do not require large spaces for a healthy life. They are spotty, red, disc and look great in a small indoor pond.

Mollienesia is another attractive viviparous fish that can be launched into a small aquarium. It is dark blue with a bluish abdomen, longitudinal stripes on the body. Its tail fin is rounded and well developed. It is desirable to keep these fish in a flock of 6-8 individuals with a predominance of females. At the same time take into account that mollienesia active and jumping.

As for short-lived inhabitants, the best contenders are barbs. They have many varieties. But for a small fish house suitable Sumatran and green (mossy). Their torso is elongated, compressed laterally. The mouth has a couple of small whiskers. Barbusses are attractive for their golden brilliance. Dark-edged scales visually create a mesh pattern. This type of fish is suitable for a small aquarium, because it gets along peacefully with other fellows.

What Fish Are Suitable For An Aquarium

Danio is an active fish, which is also called a coin or a danyushka. Almost all the time spent near the surface of the water. Her body is long, slightly compressed from the sides, the color is silver-turquoise. On the sides of the danios there are golden stripes. The fish has an upper mouth and big eyes. Danio is very popular among aquarists, because unpretentious to the conditions of detention. It is recommended to keep in the water house at least a group of 4-6 individuals.

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If the owner wants to choose a larger fish, he may prefer scalars, pelvihkromisov parrots. When funds allow, it is recommended to pay attention to the representatives of the family of haracin. blue, red, ordinary neons. They are considered one of the most beautiful schooling fish. A flock of 20-30 such waterfowl will decorate any aquarium.

All of the above species of inhabitants of the fish house are well combined with green, gold and speckled catfish, which, moreover, do an excellent job with the role of janitors: they collect remnants of food from the bottom. But catfish are interesting because they clean the walls of a room pond and its plants with the help of a mouth sucker.

For an aquarium with 30 liters of water, such combinations of its inhabitants are recommended:

  1. Five danios, ten guppies, three speckled catfish.
  2. Five mollienesias, the same number of swordtails, ten neons, three catfish.
  3. Five Sumatran barbs, ten mossy, three speckled catfish.
  4. Ten neons, three catfish antsitrus, five mossy barbs, four danios.

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