What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

Many novice aquarists seek to reduce their financial costs for equipping the aquarium. Indeed, the equipment of the aquarium and aeration filter requires a certain amount of money. In addition, these devices need to be looked after, cleaned in time, so that they do not fail. In this regard, many are faced with the question of whether there are fish that can live without oxygen.

Types of fish living without oxygen

I would like to note that there is not a single living creature that can continue its vital activity without air. However, among the aquarium fish there are such representatives who can not breathe oxygen dissolved in the aquarium water, but receive it from the atmospheric air. Macropod, loachwinds and labyrinths are able to catch air from the surface of the water and keep it in their body for some time.

Bindlings can get air into the intestines. One of the brightest representatives of such fish are catfish corridors. These are small fish about 3–7 cm in size. On the back they have a shell made of bone plates. The most common color is olive-gray. These are peaceful fish that get along well with other representatives. They love to hide in shelters, often digging up the ground in which they are looking for food.

There are about 150 types of corridors. The most common are golden, speckled, panda, shterba, adolfi, leopard, venezuela.

The average lifespan of this species of catfish is 10–12 years.

Macropod and labyrinth species of fish have a special device of the gills, which also allows them to swallow air from the surface. Consider the most unpretentious and common representatives.


Peaceful fish, about 5–12 cm in size. There are a lot of varieties: gourami pearl, moonlight, blue, kissing, grumbling, marble, golden, chocolate. The names of the species speak for themselves. in color, these fish are diverse.

It is very unpretentious in content, peaceful in relation to other inhabitants of the aquarium, playful fish. A good option for a novice aquarist.

From general recommendations I would like to highlight the following. The tank must be at least 50 cm long and at least 50 liters in volume. Fish need space for shelters and games. In food, they are unpretentious, eat different types of food, however, it is important not to overfeed them. For spawning, they need floating plants.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter


Small fish, about 7 cm in size. Shy, it is best to start a flock of at least 3 fish. They can even live in a small aquarium with a volume of about 10 liters. However, for comfort, it is better to get more capacity. Get along well where there is a lot of algae, vegetation, because they love to hide.

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It is not recommended to put the aquarium in a noisy and brightly lit room, as these fish are afraid of loud noises and harsh light. In food unpretentious.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

Betta fish betta

Very beautiful fish, however, aggressive, do not get along well with their neighbors. For one fish you need 5-10 liters of water. Betta Fish are omnivores. On sale are special feed mixtures for them. Vegetation must be present in the aquarium so that the females can have a place to hide during spawning, as well as from an aggressive male.


These are large, quiet fish. They need at least 10 liters of water per capita. Very fond of algae. From the feed prefer small, diverse. Special attention when breeding them should be paid to the temperature regime in the aquarium. Comfortable for them is the temperature of 25-28 degrees.


Hardy fish that can live even in a three-liter jar. They tolerate cold and spoiled water. Macropods are pugnacious, do not like smaller neighbors. In food unpretentious, omnivorous. For the soil it is better to use expanded clay, coarse sand.

It is not recommended to place narrow decorative elements in the aquarium, as the fish may get stuck and die.

The aquarium should have a lid that does not block access to the air. In addition, the ideal option would be if the surface of the water is covered with algae.


This fish is quite difficult to care for. They prefer small aquariums. Necessary shelters. stones, snags, castles. Such fish can jump, so open aquariums are unacceptable. Breeding them is difficult even for professionals. In the food they can be content with microorganisms from the soil and waste of the rest of the population of the aquarium, however, they will be happy to have live and ice-cream delicacies.

Tipovka ordinary

This fish is called the home barometer, because its restless behavior predicts the onset of bad weather. They are unpretentious, can live in an aquarium from 10 liters. There are also no special requirements for temperature, it can vary from 3 to 30 degrees. Soil can be both large and small. It is not recommended to use sharp decorations of the aquarium.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

In general, there are many fish that are not necessarily equipped with an aquarium filter and filter for their livelihoods. Consider the size and nature of pets, as well as water temperature, soil quality, and then the fish will coexist comfortably.

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How much can live without air

In the previous section, we found that no living organism can exist without air.

If the inhabitants of your aquarium are representatives of the species discussed above, then do not worry. They are adapted to living in water without aeration.

However, there are many fish that need oxygen in the water, otherwise they will not survive. Sometimes it can happen that the lights are turned off, the instruments in the aquarium do not work. There is a logical question. how many such fish can survive without air.

There is no definite answer. It all depends on the population of your aquarium, the presence of vegetation in it.

If water standards for one fish are observed, the aquarium is not overpopulated, there are live plants in it, then we can say with certainty that the fish will definitely live for several hours.

Living algae produce oxygen, which, although to a lesser extent than special devices, saturates water.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

How many fish can be settled

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. An important role is played by both the size of the aquarium itself and the size of the pets. The larger the fish, the greater the volume of water should fall on one individual. For example, for a fish 5 cm long, 2 liters of water is enough. If the fish is 8–10 cm, then about 5 liters are already required. For large individuals, the size of which is more than 12 cm, you need about 10 liters of water for each.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

However, there are many exceptions to this rule. If you have a low and wide aquarium, then the number of fish can be increased, because the water in it is better saturated with oxygen. If you plan to start any of the labyrinth species of fish, then the population density can also be increased. But if you want to breed goldfish, then they will be more comfortable if more water comes to each individual, since they produce a lot of waste.

If the fish are not mobile, then the water per pet is required less than on the active, many moving fish.

Filtration and the presence of a compressor also affect the number of fish in an aquarium. If you have all the necessary equipment, then the number of fish can be increased, because the water in such an aquarium is cleaned, and the air is saturated with oxygen.

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The shape of the aquarium is important. Many prefer round aquariums. Indeed, they are beautiful, fit well into the interior. But, It should be borne in mind that not all of them can be equipped with the necessary devices. For example, a small round aquarium, measuring about 5 liters, made in the form of a glass, is not very suitable for permanent residence of fish. It is better to use it for temporary jigging.

In general, such types of fish as catfish, Betta Fish, and lyalius are best suited for round aquariums. The density of their settlement must be considered based on the characteristics of the fish. In addition, do not forget that in the aquarium there are not only fish, but also soil, algae. Thus, the volume of the aquarium should be deducted 10-15 percent, and only then count the number of individuals.

Schooling fish require more water, so you should keep them in large aquariums. Aggressive fish also require a lot of space.

What Fish And How Long Can Live Without Oxygen And Filter

Populating the aquarium, try to have you were the inhabitants of all layers.

It is easy to determine them: if the mouth is turned up. the top layer is located exactly. the middle one, looks down. the bottom one.

Taking into account all these recommendations, you can create in your apartment a real ecosystem in which all its inhabitants will be comfortable.

How to care for aquarium

Care of the aquarium involves regular washing of the sponge filter. Detergents can not be used, wash only with water. In addition, it is necessary to purchase a siphon for the soil and with its help to carry out cleaning. Care of the aquarium involves a partial replacement of water.

If your aquarium is not equipped with a filter and aeration, it needs special care.

Change the water in it should be more often than in the equipped instruments. On average, this procedure is performed 2-3 times a month. 20-30 percent of water is removed from the aquarium, and clean, defended water is poured into its place. Water can not be poured right from the tap, the fish may die. It should be left for 2 days.

In the next video you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the maintenance and care of the aquarium fish Betta Fish.

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