What Does Aquarium Fish Look Like

What Does Aquarium Fish Look Like

Detachment, family: Carp.
Comfortable water temperature:

20-23 S.
Ph: 5.0-8.0.
Aggressiveness: non-aggressive.
Compatibility: with all peaceful fish (danios, ternii, speckled catfish, etc.), but it is better to keep it separate in a species aquarium.

The body of the comet is elongated with a long ribbon forked tail fin. The higher the grade of the fish specimen, the longer its tail fin. Comets are very similar to voilehvosta.

Coloring options for a comet are different. Of particular value are individuals whose body color is different from the color of the fins. Basically, the body color is red-orange with the presence of sometimes white and yellow. The color of the fish is affected by the degree of coverage of the aquarium and feed. The best way to preserve the originality of the coloring of a comet’s goldfish is live food, good lighting and the presence of shaded areas in the aquarium. Fish length up to 18 cm, life expectancy is about 14 years.

These fish are not very demanding of conditions. The main thing with its content is proper feeding. the key to success is the balance of the feed. Fish is susceptible to intestinal diseases and overeating.

For maintenance you need a spacious aquarium with clean water. without nitrogen compounds. Neighbors should not be active and even more aggressive fish. barbs, cichlids, gourams, etc. It is necessary to contain comets in an aquarium with a volume of at least 50 liters per fish, preferably if it is an aquarium of at least 100 liters in which they place a pair of fish.

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Comfortable parameters of water: temperature 20-23 C, aquarium water hardness 6-18, pH 5.0-8.0. Reinforced aeration and filtration.

The peculiarity of the fish is that it loves to rummage in the ground. As the soil is better to use coarse sand or pebbles, which are not so easily scattered fish. The aquarium itself should be spacious and species, with large-leaved plants.

Fish in respect of feed unpretentious. They eat quite a lot and willingly, so remember that it is better to underfeed the fish than to overfeed. Adult fish are fed twice a day. in the morning and in the evening. Feed give as much as they can eat in about 3-5 minutes, and the remnants of food not eaten should be removed.

Feeding any aquarium fish must be correct: balanced, diverse. This fundamental rule is the key to successful keeping of any fish, be it guppies or astronotuses. Article "How and how much to feed aquarium fish" talks in detail about this, it outlines the basic principles of the diet and feeding regime of fish.

In this article, we note the most important thing. feeding fish should not be monotonous; both dry and live food should be included in the diet. In addition, you need to take into account the gastronomic preferences of a particular fish and, depending on this, include in its diet ration either with the highest protein content or vice versa with vegetable ingredients.

Popular and popular feed for fish, of course, are dry food. For example, hourly and everywhere can be found on the aquarium shelves of food company "Tetra". the leader of the Russian market, in fact, the range of feeds of this company is striking. In the "gastronomic arsenal" of Tetra are included as individual feeds for a certain type of fish: for goldfish, for cichlids, for loricarids, guppies, labyrinths, arovan, discus, etc. Also, Tetra has developed specialized foods, for example, for enhancing color, fortified or for feeding fry. Detailed information on all Tetra feeds, you can find on the official website of the company. here.

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What Does Aquarium Fish Look Like

It should be noted that when buying any dry food, you should pay attention to the date of its production and shelf life, try not to buy food by weight, and also keep the food in a closed state. this will help avoid the development of pathogenic flora in it.

Comets breed independently, without any hormonal injections or without creating too specific conditions. Actual, good maintenance and proper feeding is the criterion and incentive for spawning producers. All types of goldfish can spawn in aquariums of a small volume of 30 liters. However, better results can be achieved in larger aquariums or in ponds. Detailed article on the breeding of comets here.

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