What Do Fish In Aquarium Die From And What Can Be Done

But, most often this only worsens the already unstable position in the aquarium, and the dying of the fish begins to occur faster.

Here you can not fuss and should clearly define the problem because of which the fish float up belly.

In most cases, aquarium fish die either because of the quality of the water in the aquarium or because of an epidemic of harmful microorganisms that you have planted, scoring on the aquarium and its maintenance.

We investigate the main causes of the sudden mora of the fish.

The main cause of aquarium fish death is the poor quality of the water in the aquarium due to:

  • insufficient filtering
  • Insufficient water change
  • Insufficient removal of waste from water and soil
  • Too many fish in this tank.
  • Total pollution

Many novice aquarists do not understand which particular water parameters to pay attention to in this case. The three most important are:

  • Ammonia level
  • Nitrite level
  • Nitrate level

It is very important not to rush to buy antibiotics and other medicines for fish. With them you will complete the biobalance of the aquarium.

Non-zero levels of ammonia and nitrite also appear in any freshly launched aquarium.

Also, the high content of these nitrogen compounds is a problem of old aquariums, which for a long time worked without water changes.

But, the fish die not because of the increased values ​​of nitrites, but rather from the weakening of the body and inability to fight harmful microorganisms:

  • Internal parasites
  • Bacterial infection
  • Fungal infection

Fish die in the new aquarium. I just started it!

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Often it happens that the fish die in the new aquarium, just launched. Here the problem lies in several factors.

Any fish produce ammonia as a product of their livelihoods. Urine that is. Also, the fish eat, and if they do not have time to eat what the host has thrown at them with a generous hand, then a large amount of rotting food will quickly appear in the aquarium.

The nitrogen cycle is called upon to eliminate this phenomenon, but in the new aquarium it has not yet appeared, just as the necessary bacteria for the sequential decomposition of waste.

All this leads to the appearance of highly toxic nitrogen compounds, which ultimately leads to death of the fish. To correct such a sad situation in a new aquarium, several actions should be done:

  • Stop feeding the fish in the new aquarium. Do not worry, the fish can perfectly go without food for several days.
  • Replace part of the water in the aquarium. The higher the level of ammonia and nitrite tests you showed, the more you have to change.
What Do Fish In Aquarium Die From And What Can Be Done

For readings of 1-2 ppm, change half the water boldly. And this should be done daily until tests show you normal levels of ammonia and nitrite. As the level of poisoning decreases, reduce the amount of water being replaced.

Die fish in the old aquarium. But it was still okay ?!

The syndrome of an old aquarium appears in old aquariums with well-functioning natural biofilters. In it, over time, ammonia and nitrites are processed into nitrates, which, at high concentrations, will cause poisoning and death of aquarium fish.

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The method of treatment is the same as above: reducing the amount of food to fish, changing water and cleaning the soil. Pay special attention to the soil, feed particles can fall into the soil voids, where they will simply rot, and not be processed by bacteria. After stabilizing the situation in an aquarium, an increase in the number of plants can be a good help, because they consume nitrates, which are an excellent fertilizer for plants.

How to maintain the health of aquarium fish?

It is based on several pillars of aquarium: regular water changes, feeding fish without excess, filtering water in the aquarium, timely cleaning of the soil from accumulated waste and dirt.

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