What Can Feed Aquarium Fish

What Can Feed Aquarium Fish

Almost all the fish we keep in the aquarium are predators. They develop well and multiply only when they are given live food. Only some aquarium fish, gourami for example, very love to eat plants. green algae. You have fish, but the feed was not possible. How to be? Not difficult make food for aquarium fish do it yourself at home.

What do aquarium fish eat?

To begin with, ordinary meat, well dried and finely shredded with a knife, will help. Small fishes eat it willingly, it is only necessary before evening to carefully remove its remains from the bottom. For large breeds, for goldfish, for example, porridge is quite suitable (without salt and oil), well washed and boiled. A roll, finely chopped, is also suitable.

But this is all just for the first time what can feed aquarium fish. “According to science,” fish should be given first of all daphnids and cyclops. They are caught with a net, covered with cellular fabric (knitwear), in ponds, where they are kept from the coast from early spring to late autumn, in windward places. The landing net is slowly driven around the surface in circular motions, and the caught crustaceans are lowered into a jar of water. Houses are placed in a bowl and then taken as needed.

Daphnids caught can be dried. and then the fish will be provided with nutritious food in winter. They are dried on a dense fabric, stretched on a wooden frame, in a windless place, preferably under the rays of the sun. In winter, before feeding, add 5-6 drops of fish oil to a matchbox of dried homemade food.

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A little more messing around with bloodworms. This red worm, the larva of a mosquito, likes to dig in the mud. Bloodworm. the most nutritious food, and it must be given to the fish before breeding. Il thoroughly washed using a mesh. Store moths in the water, in a cool place, better with slept tea. It can also be dried for the winter. to make food for fish at home.

What to feed aquarium fish in the summer without buying food?

In the summer, large fish are fed with sliced ​​earthworms, pipe worms — these live at the bottom of ponds. They are very mobile, quickly make their way through the holes of the floating trough and climb into the sand. They are usually stored in a plate with water.

If there is no pond nearby, put some daphnids in a water barrel in the summer and regularly pour one or two tablespoons of milk into it. In a week the fish will be provided with food.

Give bloodworms and daphnids for dessert, and the main food you breed at home in a small box. these are pottery, little white moving worms about a centimeter long.

Take a box about 30 cm long, 20 cm wide and 15 cm deep. Pour good garden soil into it and put a few worms on it. Make a groove in the ground and put white bread soaked in milk in it. Bread should not be too much, mold on it will kill the worms. Pour in a flute and slightly moisten. Cover the top of the box with glass. The temperature should be room. After two weeks, the worms will be enough to feed 20. 30 medium-sized fish.

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With the ground in their aquarium can not be lowered. Take a handful of earth, put it on the glass, and warm it up with a light bulb from the bottom. Escaping heat, the worms will climb up and gather in a heap.

Malkov in the early days is best to feed infusoria. They are not difficult to dissolve themselves at home. To do this, put in a three-liter jar with boiled water, a crust from a banana or a little bit of hay (you can put the rotted roots of plants from the aquarium) and add a few drops of milk. After three or four days, the ciliates will become so much that the water will cloud.

If the fry were born suddenly and the ciliates are still small, at first you can get by with drops of yogurt or with a steep egg yolk rubbed through a sieve. Usually in a week. ten days it is already possible to feed the fry with cut moth and small crustaceans.

In the summer, do not neglect any insects. for example, those that flock to light at night. Aquarium fish themselves will choose from them what they love to eat so much.

It must be remembered: neither live nor dry fish food should not remain in the tank overnight. After feeding, it is imperative to remove all residues. From time to time you should arrange “hungry days” for fish. let them eat greens that have grown on the walls and leaves of plants, this is very useful for them.

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