What Are Aquarium Fish

The classification of aquarium fish by their living space distinguishes between upper layers of fish, middle layers of fish and bottom layers of fish.

By behavior, there are schooling fish, fish that live in small families or in pairs, and single fish.

Types of aquarium fish

Schooling fish prefer to gather in large flocks. Almost the entire life of such a fish passes within the pack, and when it falls out of the pack, a single fish often gets sick and quickly dies.

Be sure to take this into account when placing in your aquarium schooling fish, such as, for example, glass catfish, neons, different tetras. there should be a lot of them in the aquarium.

Fish of the second category live either in small families or in stable couples.

These fish include, for example

Be sure to keep in mind that these fish during the mating period show aggression and actively dig the ground.

Therefore, settling them in your tank, you must use different grottoes to shelter the weaker individuals, large gravel for the soil with large smooth stones on the surface, and not overpower the aquarium.

Single fish do not tolerate near themselves (within a direct line of sight) their fellows. fish of the same species.

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If several such fish are placed in one small or even an average aquarium, they will beat each other there, and one of the most dominant individuals will kill all the weaker neighbors.

Although representatives of other species of fish most often such fish are loyal.

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What Are Aquarium Fish

According to food preferences, fish are divided into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

However, this division is conditional, since under certain circumstances herbivorous fish can become carnivorous, as well as vice versa.

Therefore, it will be more correct to divide the fish into

  • "Predators on the situation"
  • "Predators by definition"

This factor is important to consider when settling an aquarium.

According to the method of procreation, fish can be short-sighted (not recommended for beginners, because they need special housing conditions during spawning) and viviparous can reproduce in aquariums in which the situation is far from ideal; they are unpretentious to the composition of the water.

The size of the fish can be divided into large ones (for example, cichlids, a Moorish idol, a surgeon fish; they live relatively long, but they are difficult to maintain, therefore they are not very suitable for beginners; they are aggressive in defending their nests) and small ones (more optimal for a beginner, they are cheaper, unpretentious and more friendly).

How to care for aquarium fish

Proper fish care implies them. regular feeding.

It is better to feed the fish twice a day, and at the same time.

There are types of fish, which over time can take food directly from the hands, only hands should be clean and without foreign odors.

Fish can see a person or hear a knock on the wall of the aquarium and swim out of the shelter for food.

They can even get used to the feeding regimen so much so that they will be preparing for the meal at the same time.

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Overfeeding fish can not be, because it leads to health problems. It is necessary to feed in small portions, eaten in 3-5 minutes.

The diet should be varied. Herbivorous fish constantly need vegetable food with fiber, predatory and omnivorous. meat food, rich in proteins.

It is better to combine different types of feed:

  • alive
  • dry
  • frozen
  • artificial

It is advisable to freeze live food in order to avoid infection in the water.

This applies to bloodworms, daphnia, the pipe worker, the coreter and some other feeds.

Some fish like fodder "cocktails" that can be made in the kitchen.

It is done this way: frozen vegetables and seafood are ground in a meat grinder, they are made into circles, which are placed in the freezer.

Overeating reduces fish life and leads to bloating.

Once a week it is necessary to arrange a fasting day for pets, during which not to feed them at all.

You can feed the fish at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and then at 18 in the evening. It is undesirable to feed them at night.

If the fish do not eat everything at once, it is better to reduce the portions or feed them only once a day.

How to change the water in the aquarium

It is necessary to regularly change the aquarium water for clean and fresh.

It is easy to get it. just collect the required amount of water in a glass container, insist 4 days, bring to the required parameters (checked by indicators). Then pour into the tank.

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In an aquarium with a volume of 200 liters, it is necessary to replace 20% of the water, and in a 100-liter tank, 30%. Replacement must be performed once a week.

Should constantly siphon the bottom of the aquarium funnel, eliminating the remnants of not eaten feed. Do not turn on the compressor with aeration, heating and filter without real need.

It is important to observe the fish daily. appearance and behavior. If any changes need to prepare a quarantine tank. This probably means that the fish is sick, and needs special care.

It is also necessary to clean the surface of the aquarium from algae fouling with a special scraper.

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