What Aquarium Fish The Most Unpretentious

The most unpretentious aquarium fish in the world

Some fish have stunning vitality. They can live in a large range of temperatures, not demanding on the composition of the soil, on the acid composition and other characteristics of the water. These fish are able to eat everything that they get: from small fish and worms to plant food. They can produce offspring in virtually any environment. Their vitality is at a high level, for which they are called the most unpretentious aquarium fish.

Scalar (Pterophyllum scalare). an unpretentious beautiful aquarium fish with filiform fins. Its size depends on the capabilities of the aquarium (up to a maximum of 20-25 cm). Angelfish may have a different color, depending on its variety. These fish are not demanding on the composition of the feed, but preference is given to the live feed. However, care must be taken that fish do not overeat. It is better for the scalar not to plant small fish, which she can eat, and active aquatic inhabitants, who tend to bite off the fins.

Neon (Paracheirodon). small schooling fish that do not require special care for themselves. A weekly topping-up of water, in return for evaporated, good nutrition and moderate lighting, will be sufficient for a carefree existence. Neons are bright fish, with their “light” they will illuminate any aquarium.

Among som most unpretentious can be called speckled catfish. Special care is not required, but it is necessary to create favorable conditions. It is important to provide loose soil and good water filtration, as catfish dig in the substrate in search of food and muddy water. The rest of the sokie undemanding, including neighbors, fish. It is necessary to avoid large fish that can take catfish for food.

What Aquarium Fish The Most Unpretentious

Ternesia (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) is an interesting small aquarium fish. The main color of her body is black, but in cases where the fish are scared or sick, they can fade. The fish are more comfortable when there are at least four of them in the aquarium. The quarrels that inevitably occur in their flocks should not disturb the owners. Thorns is a non-aggressive fish, distinguished by good health and unpretentious content.

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All varieties danios (Danio). movable jumping fish with high vitality. Danio is not picky about the chemical composition of water, but it is important that the water is fresh. Aeration must also be present. If there is little oxygen in the water, the fish become lethargic and rise to the upper layers. However, they need the most common aquarium conditions that even a novice aquarist can create. It is worth noting that danios can annoy other fish in an aquarium and bite off their fins.

Barbusses (Barbus). popular aquarium fish. A lot of important role in their prevalence was played by their unpretentiousness. There are many varieties of these fish (about 200 species). All of them are resilient. Even a person who has mastered only the basics of aquarism can take care of the barbs.

Pecilia (Xiphophorus maculatus). hardy, unpretentious and also very bright aquarium fish. To ensure its comfortable existence, even a small aquarium with vegetation and shelters, as well as any soil and any water by chemical composition and temperature regime (without extremes) will be suitable. Petsilia are also wonderful neighbors for peaceful fish of similar size.

Swordtails. one of the most unpretentious fish. They can exist in small aquariums, eat food of animal and vegetable origin, and are able to multiply under almost any conditions. Swordtails are relatively calm and peaceful fishes. Their bright color, like health in general, is easy to maintain with balanced nutrition, good lighting and warm water.

What Aquarium Fish The Most Unpretentious

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata). beautiful, bright, small fish. The males have guppies with beautiful veil tails. The color of the fish can be very different. All this magnificence of appearance complements the excellent resilience of these viviparous fish. They can exist perfectly and breed in a small aquarium. Guppies do not spoil the plants and eat any "fish" food. The combination of unpretentious and spectacular appearance make guppies very popular aquarium fish.

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Rasbora klinopyatnisty, or heteromorph (Rasbora heteromorpha). undemanding aquarium fish. For a normal life, it needs to create the most usual aquarium conditions that even a novice can handle. Rasbora. omnivorous fish, preferring animal food. It is worth noting that these little fish are gregarious and alone will not be comfortable, and the owners will be more pleasant to watch the flock of confident fish than the timid tiny fish, crawling out of the shelter just for feeding.

Tetra firefly, or erythrosonus (Hemigrammus erythrozonus) is a bright little fish that does not require difficult care. Tetras have good stamina, can starve for several days. The diet of fish should be predominantly from animal feed. Tetras can be content with simple fresh water at room temperature, without additional heating. These fish are suitable for keeping in the general aquarium provided that all the “tenants” are selected correctly.

Black mollies
(Poecilia sphenops). This fish can also be classified as unpretentious. The only difficulty in its maintenance is to create a constant water temperature in the aquarium, but with the help of lamps, a thermometer and attentiveness to pets it will be easy to do. In all other respects, mollies are undemanding.

Unpretentious aquarium fish can withstand the most difficult environmental conditions and content, but still not to abuse their supply of "strength". Fish are living creatures and they cannot do without many things. In addition, aquarium fish will delight and amuse the owners only with due care. Unpretentious fish are suitable for beginners who do not yet have the necessary experience to maintain certain environmental conditions in the aquarium.

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