Varieties Of Aquarium Fish With Photos And Descriptions

However, you should not miss the first individual you like, first you need to understand how to care for it and whether you can do it. To begin with, especially for beginners, it is necessary to learn that aquarium fish are of several types, and depending on this, their behavior, gastronomic preferences and requirements for living conditions will change.

Varieties Of Aquarium Fish With Photos And Descriptions

What kind of family chord suitable for an aquarium? There is a lot of species, and the main criterion that limits the choice will be only your ability to create favorable conditions. Many beginners mistakenly think that the size of the aquarium depends only on the size of the fish that are supposed to inhabit it. This is not quite true. For example, mollies and cichlids require a large amount of space also because they breathe oxygen dissolved in water. But soma and labyrinth fishes that can swim to the surface and breathe atmospheric oxygen are therefore more unpretentious in this matter.

It would also be nice to know in advance about the conditions in which the future pet lives in nature. This will help to recreate the habitat for the fish in the aquarium. The better you study the selected individual, the less chance of its death.

But do not be afraid, the fish have long adapted to artificial living conditions. They even managed to preserve reproductive ability, although breeding requires a lot of effort from the owner. to create suitable conditions and preserve the offspring does not always work the first time.

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It is no coincidence that the description of many aquarium fish begins with how fit they are. At home, not everyone can afford to have two or more aquariums, so you have to move your neighbors to already living pets. And they do not always get along. The first thing you need to pay attention to the size of individuals. Most often, larger fish will very quickly exterminate smaller ones. Never move predators to other types of chordates, as they are prone to aggression. Do not forget about the temperament of fish. Keeping and moving slowly in one aquarium will not lead to anything good.

And this is not to mention the requirements for water and feed, which can vary greatly depending on the type of fish. The dissimilarity of temperature, hardness and acidity of water and even the intensity of illumination can lead to dire consequences.

Aquariums and fish should be ideally suited to each other, otherwise it may result in illness and even the death of the latter.

Types of fish

There are a lot of species of aquarium fish. Therefore, you can easily choose a pet according to your preferences and abilities. Below are the types of aquarium fish with photos:

Here are not all types of aquarium fish, but only the most popular and widely available.

How to choose a fish and create suitable conditions for it?

As mentioned above, the fish and its aquarium should resemble each other. Therefore, you first need to decide on what to purchase first. If you already have an aquarium, the pet is approaching it. Beginners should pay attention to unpretentious fish.

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Pre-read not only the conditions of the individual, but also photographs, as a dishonest seller or breeder may try to deceive you by slipping the wrong kind or sick fish.

Be sure to find out the exact name of your favorite pet, so as not to be mistaken. For example, there are quite a few species and subspecies of decorative catfish, and they all have their own names.

Try to acquire pets only from trusted breeders and do not forget about quarantine. It is also worth considering that domestic representatives of bright exotic fish may have a dimmer color than their European counterparts, but their immunity is much higher.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish

Aquarium fish for a beginner should be very unpretentious in content, so we recommend to pay attention to the following individuals:

These names of aquarium fish should be remembered by all novice aquarists. It is recommended to put them first in the newly launched aquarium.

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