Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

The type of water has the most relaxing and calming effect on the person. That is why a large number of people seek to create a magnificent oasis of nature in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

A small aquarium will become a means for relaxing after a tiring everyday work. An ordinary vessel should be filled with unpretentious care of aquarium fish, which will not require you a lot of time and considerable attention. The modern rhythm of life eliminates the possibility of the presence of additional free minutes, so large unpretentious aquarium fish will fall to the way.

The choice will have to be made among a large number of breeds of aquarium dwellers, so novice aquarists may not be able to cope with such a complex task and seek additional help.

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

First of all, you need to know which species are unpretentious aquarium fish. Natural breeds of aquatic inhabitants are characterized by the greatest adaptability to artificial conditions. The varieties obtained by breeding are not tenacious and rather difficult to care for; therefore, they require special attention from the host.

It is worth paying attention to the following unpretentious aquarium fish for a small aquarium:

Life expectancy of unpretentious aquarium fish for beginners is directly dependent on the content and quality of food. It is necessary to maintain the correct temperature regime, monitor the condition of the water and choose the right volume of the tank. It is not allowed to increase the level of individual components, or a significant increase in temperature.

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The positive quality of unpretentious aquarium fish is increased vitality, so they can withstand adverse conditions for a long period of time.

Photos and names of unpretentious aquarium fish

Such choosy aquarium fish as guppies perfectly adapt to life in an aquarium. They do not require special care, reproduce in a vivifying manner and are able to survive in the most extreme conditions. The males of guppies are more beautiful than the females and have a bright color that immediately catches the eye.

The most enduring aquarium fish will feel great, if you do not raise the temperature above 28 degrees, put the compressor in the tank with water and follow the timely feeding.

It is impossible to tear your eyes away from such unpretentious small aquarium fish, like Betta Fish. You can not install a compressor in the aquarium, as this type requires a large amount of atmospheric air for life. Betta Fish can be fed once a day both artificial and organic food.

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

The only rule is not to settle two males in the aquarium at once, otherwise you will have to periodically observe fights for the territory. Photos of unpretentious aquarium fish of all kinds can be viewed on the Exotic monstor Fish website.

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