Unpretentious Aquarium Fish – The Owner Does Not Bother

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish. The Owner Does Not Bother

Is it difficult to keep aquarium fish? Such a question is often asked by novice aquarist lovers. They are afraid that they will not cope with the care, feeding, settlement of pets. Like any living creature, aquarium fish requires attention and care, but how to create comfortable living conditions for it, if you don’t know enough about the aquarium business? In this case, your pets can become unpretentious aquarium fish. They are easy to maintain, unpretentious fish are considered very hardy, tenacious, get used to the person. If you are very busy, and you do not have enough free time to care for animals, then the most unpretentious aquarium fish will significantly reduce the time for employment of the aquarium.

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish. The Owner Does Not Bother

List of small unpretentious fish

What unpretentious aquarium fish successful for a beginner who does not have much experience in maintaining the aquarium? When there is a desire to create good conditions for their pets, you can choose small and beautiful fish with a peaceful disposition, who can live in not very capacious tanks.

Guppies are one of the most popular decorative pets in an aquarium. Outwardly very bright, cute, have a beautiful tail. You can keep in small tanks of 40 liters, are able to transfer changes in water parameters. Some guppies can withstand the lack of filtration, aeration, plants, although such a settlement is not strongly recommended. Guppies are prolific, viviparous fishes. Perfectly get on with small and peaceful fishes. For this reason, they have been popular in our country for many years. In addition, the variety of color patterns is striking. you can choose a school of fish of different colors, whose offspring will be even more colorful.

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Watch a video about the content, care and reproduction of guppies.

Swordtails. they are easily recognizable by the tail fin, which in males ends with a “sword” in the lower base of the tail. There are also many types of swordtails: color variations, sizes, behaviors prove that these are very interesting pets. The main advantage. they are hardy, livable with many ornamental fish, do not spoil the aquarium decorations. It is advisable to settle in a 20-50 liter tank, where there are many shelters and dense vegetation. Swordtails can stand up for themselves. they can be accommodated with active fish that love to disturb their neighbors. Swordsmen are survivable because the female of this species suddenly becomes a male, which saves her in a critical situation.

Somiki corridors. unpretentious inhabitants of home aquariums. As you know, catfish are generally undemanding in maintenance, they are even ready to help in cleaning the tank. they eat up the remnants of undernourished food, eat algae. Do not bother their neighbors, because they float in the lower layers of water. Corridors can be called "two-breathing" fish, except for gill breathing, gather air in the intestine, which helps them survive in the absence of aeration. The nature of the fish is calm, peaceful, they can be settled even with larger fish. It is better to have a flock. The minus of these pets. some individuals carry with them parasites, if kept before the purchase is wrong. Their sizes are small. from 3 to 10 cm, so you can settle in small aquariums.

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Unpretentious Aquarium Fish. The Owner Does Not Bother

Mollies are viviparous fishes of the Pecilia family. Rather hardy, maintain small changes of parameters of water. However, their bodies do not withstand bad biological stress. dirty water, low water temperature, fresh water. Prefer salted ponds and bright lighting. Some mollies may conflict with the swordtails, barbs. The character is peaceful but unpredictable.

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish. The Owner Does Not Bother

Tetras are another popular fish of the Kharacin family. Unlike corridors and guppies, they will not be able to survive under stringent conditions of maintenance. they need a lot of dissolved oxygen in pure water. Schooling fish, you can settle in a common tank with a capacity of 35 liters, a flock of 5-6 individuals.

Unpretentious Aquarium Fish. The Owner Does Not Bother

Gourami. easy-to-keep fish, suitable for beginners. Need a portion of atmospheric oxygen, so you have to follow the aeration. Gourami are able to stand up for themselves, they eat live, frozen and vegetable food. Sometimes gourami can show aggression towards the fish of their own species.

See how to contain pearl gourami.

Barbus. easy to care for and keep pets, but with what character! Considering the fact that they are schooling fish, they can reach other neighbors, especially bright ones with lush fins. These are pirates of domestic aquariums, they can disturb even large cichlids, they are not suitable for a small common aquarium. Advantages of barbs. endurance, livable, beautiful appearance.

Unpretentious large fish

The most famous aquarium fish, which have relatively large body sizes, are representatives of the Cichlid family. Not only that they are very beautiful, so also peaceful, interesting, clever. Cichlids quickly get used to the person, can be fed from the hand. From a young age they form a couple, skillfully care for their offspring. Representatives of this family that are common in domestic aquariums are freshwater astronotus, angelfish, discus, African and South American cichlids. The size of cichlids is from 15 to 30 cm; therefore, they require settling into a spacious tank with a capacity of 100 liters or more. They get along well with some peaceful fish, however, they differ in territorial behavior. Tolerant changes in water parameters, but not drastic. There is one "but": some species of cichlids should not be given as a pipe stacker and bloodworm, it is harmful to them. This point should be taken into account when settling in a common tank.

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