Types Of Aquarium Fish, The Most Suitable For Home

Choosing an aquarium fish, a beginner aquarist wonders which fish are the least whimsical. And this is correct, since, when starting such a “pet” at home, you will have to not only choose a beautiful aquarium and pour water into it, but also study in detail the specific features of each individual.

Types Of Aquarium Fish, The Most Suitable For Home

Varieties of simple aquarium fish

Simple fish do not require special knowledge of care, as quite unpretentious in the content. For them, only a few parameters are important, such as: the volume of the future dwelling, quality water and constant temperature. In order to get one or more fish at home, it is important to study several characteristics according to which they are divided.

Viviparsing fish

They are called so because they can bear offspring and produce into the light already formed fry. The following fish belong to the viviparous mind:

Fish may differ in shape, color, fin structure and much more, but, nevertheless, their vivifying function remains their common feature.

Types Of Aquarium Fish, The Most Suitable For Home


Pretty friendly beauties who get along well in the same aquarium with most other species, unless they come across a predator whose diet can include small labyrinth aquarium fish. Species that are also not very desirable to settle with them are guppies and goldfish. Because of their thin fins, they may suffer during the neighborhood with Betta Fish. Labyrinth individuals include:

A distinctive feature of the labyrinth pusher is their unique ability to breathe atmospheric air. Of course, they will not escape from the aquarium and will not begin to travel around the apartment, they just may be much longer in an emergency without water.

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It should be noted separately gouram grunting. It is a one-of-a-kind creature that makes sounds that resemble the grumbling or croaking of a frog. Despite this fact, it is a very shy and peace-loving fish, which, in the case of a neighborhood with more predatory brethren, begins to hide.


Artificially bred in China, beautiful fish come from the goldfish. Despite the fact that they are very popular, not all species are suitable for keeping in an aquarium.

Types Of Aquarium Fish, The Most Suitable For Home

When buying a golden baby, keep in mind that this fish requires a lot of space and likes to stir up the water. So you have to clean a large aquarium quite often. The good news is that goldfish are not quite whimsical and are long-livers among other fish.

Predatory aquarium fish

For those who are attracted to more carnivorous creatures, fine-toothed water hunters are perfect. True, it is worth considering the fact that it is more difficult to care for them than for the peaceful inhabitants of the water element.

Types Of Aquarium Fish, The Most Suitable For Home

· Astronotus. Extremely intelligent and very dangerous fish, which in nature reaches 35 cm in length, so the aquarium for such a girlfriend should be more than 100 liters. An interesting fact: astronotuses are the only ones who can recognize a person, so you can expect that such a pet will swim to the glass, barely seeing their master. It feeds on smaller fishes, so before settling your neighbors make sure that the predator does not eat them.

· Snakehead. The name she received because of the shape of the head, which is very similar to the snake. A distinctive feature of the snakehead is the ability to do without water for a long time. Small fish painfully perceives the relocation to another aquarium, so you should immediately take care of a suitable amount of housing.

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· Spotted Indian knife. Such a predator will need an aquarium of more than 150 liters. He likes to hide. And with pleasure it will be engaged in the examination of various cracks, minks and other shelters. It feeds on mollusks, small relatives and insects.

Predatory aquarium fish are quite capricious in food, and sometimes their preferences are not very pleasant to hold in their hands. Of course, compared to piranhas who are happy to eat a small mouse, snakeheads and astronotuses are just angels.

What types of aquarium fish can be kept together

Sometimes the neighborhood of several different species may not be the best idea. And it’s not just about eating habits and the conflict of interests of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Compatibility issues lie in many factors.

Of course, we should not forget about the temperament of the fish, and do not put predatory individuals near the meek and shy kids. In the absence of food, herbivorous species can easily retrain in the animal-eating and begin to attack smaller relatives. In addition, some fish species quite aggressively guard their territory and can attack the invader, tearing his fin.

It is better to start the fish that feed on the same food, so it will be more convenient for you to make a feeding schedule.


Before buying fish, consult with an expert, he will tell you what types of aquarium fish are most suitable for you. Although it would seem that these tiny pranks do not cause serious emotions, in fact you will quickly become attached to them. Therefore, it would be a shame to lose a fish that was just bought because of a small mistake. If you have already brought several individuals, do not share a new neighbor with them until he passes the quarantine in a separate house. Sick fish can infect all tenants and, ultimately, have to say goodbye to everyone.

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Types of aquarium fish are diverse and full of all the colors of the world. Choosing such a miracle of nature, try to create a good habitat for them, and you will enjoy the fascinating smooth movements of your new friends for a long time.

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