Turbid Water In The Aquarium What To Do

From what the water in the aquarium muddy

An aquarium is a microworld where organisms appear and die. It consists of a fine interconnection of fish, plants and bacteria.

When you create a new aquarium in a few days there is a huge number of bacteria, excessively breeding in water. This leads to its turbidity. This process is quite normal and natural. Before you run the fish in the aquarium with new water, you just need to wait a few days until it clears itself. Due to lack of food, most bacteria will become extinct, and the biological balance of water will normalize. To change the water in this case is strictly prohibited, because it also becomes cloudy. It is best to add some water from the old aquarium, where the balance has long been established. If this is not available, nothing terrible, the balance in the water itself is settled, it just takes more time for this.

Another cause of muddy water can be overfeeding fish. Excess feed, which your pets do not have time to eat, sink to the bottom and begin to rot. As a result, the water begins to deteriorate. In such an environment, the inhabitants of the aquarium can not feel good, and their long stay in bad water will destroy.

When a large number of fish in the aquarium and, at the same time, poor filtration of water, there is its turbidity. The inhabitants of such an environment will certainly begin to poison the body with decay products, which will lead to their death.

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The cause of muddy water can be algae. There is a certain species that, if overproduced, leads to a turbid environment in the aquarium and at the same time emits an unpleasant odor. Another problem may be excessive light or accumulation of excess organic matter at the bottom, which stimulates the rapid growth of microscopic algae, and as a result water will bloom. It becomes opaque with a greenish tinge. With a lack of light, the plants in the aquarium will turn brown and begin to rot, which will ruin the habitat of the fish and harm their health.

Turbid Water In The Aquarium What To Do

The water in the aquarium turns cloudy: Biological factors

In any water, live microorganisms, bacteria, fungi. Most of them are very "help" the aquarium and its inhabitants. Fungi decompose dead organics. Bacteria recycle aquarium poisons: nitrites, nitrates, ammonia. And if this process is disturbed, then a so-called “biobalance disturbance” (biological equilibrium) arises, and the water begins to cloud.

Turbid water in the aquarium after launch. In the newly launched aquarium, the water will be turbid until the whitish cloudiness settles. It is possible turbidity and after settling fish. As soon as the biobalance tunes everything will return to normal. But the main thing is not to forget about the care, and timely replace the water, to clean the filter.

If there is a violation of biological equilibrium in an established aquarium, then this is, in most cases, the fault of the owner (improper care, oversight).

The possible appearance of whitish dregs after treatment of fish. After all, all drugs and chemicals have a side effect. a violation of the biobalance.

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Biobalance links work for the benefit of the aquarium, removing poisons, as mentioned above. But as soon as one of the links stops working, the poisons accumulate, and this will lead not only to turbidity, but also to the disease, the death of the fish.

Turbid Water In The Aquarium What To Do

How to Get Rid of Turbid Water: Problem Solving Options

To get rid of the adverse reasons that cause turbidity of the liquid in the tank with fish, you can choose one or more of the methods below.

When the water in the “artificial pond” becomes turbid, what to do, it will prompt the video below:

  1. "Tetra Crystal Water", cleans from any turbidity.
  2. "8 in 1", a drug that allows you to get rid of blooming and rapidly expanding parasitic algae, destroys the green dregs in the water.
  3. "Sanex EcoPrud", the tool is intended not only for home aquariums. It also helps in the case of small ponds, eliminating the pollution of the liquid.
  4. "Tetra AquaSafe". conditioner, purifies turbid water, destroys pathogenic bacteria, fights some diseases of fish.
  5. API Algae Destroyer Advanced, another effective algae remedy.
  6. Malachite Green is an antibacterial agent for home aquariums.

It is necessary to clean the turbid water and the whole aquarium zone with the help of specially developed tools at least once every six months. This will have a favorable effect on the climate in the “artificial reservoir”, will save the fish from disease and death, and will relieve accumulated ammonia inside the reservoir.

Consider some popular drugs:

  • Zeo Max Plus drug from the brand AquaEl. Zeolite is an absorbent, which, unlike coal, copes well with nitrates and nitrites. It is placed as a filler in the filter. But do not keep it in the filter for more than a month.
  • Fluval Zeo-Carb. Similar to the previous drug. But besides zeolite it contains activated carbon.
  • drug Toxivec from Sera. At the chemical level eliminates NO2NO3. Effectively removes hazardous substances, poisons that can threaten the health of fish. Since this is chemistry, it is recommended to apply once.
  • Bactozym drug from the brand Tetra. The conditioner accelerates the process of stabilization of the biobalance in the filter.
  • Nitran Minus Perls granules from Tetra. Granules are buried in the ground. Biologically reduced nitrate levels. Used to combat algae.
  • Tetra’s Nitrate Minus. Conditioner that improves the biological quality of water. Used to reduce nitrate levels.
  • Bio Nitrivec drug from the brand Sera. Used to quickly launch an aquarium. Contains a mixture of cleansing bacteria for the biobalance of the aquarium.
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Important! Before using any drug you need to carefully read the instructions. And strictly adhere to dosages.

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