Top 10 Fish Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Deciding what kind of fish to start first in your tank can be sudden, and can be thought out. Unfortunately, novice aquarists are often guided by the very first impulse, completely without understanding the fish.

What kind of fish is not worth buying for beginners, we have considered here. And the top 10 unusual fish here.

And in order to make it easier for you to navigate, we have compiled a list of unpretentious aquarium fish for beginners and briefly described them. All of them are distinguished by unpretentiousness, tolerance to conditions in an aquarium, peaceful nature, livableness and modest size. We hope that it will help make your choice easier!


A classic for any newcomer to aquarism is guppies. They are very unpretentious, livable, and just get divorced.

It is very easy to distinguish males from females, males have a big tail, they are much brighter, and their anal fin is elongated. The females are larger, fuller and the anal fin is shorter, and most importantly. they are gray, only the tail fin can be colored.

They are viviparous, which means. the fry immediately swim and are adapted to life. At one time, the female guppy can sweep from 10 to 60 fry. But if you leave the fry in the general aquarium, it will be eaten quickly, you need to catch the fry in a separate container.

To breed them is very simple, it is enough to keep together the males and females.

Guppies eat all kinds of feed, can grow well on branded feeds. flakes, granules, etc.

It is worth noting that beginners are not recommended to start pedigree forms of guppies, because of the long mixing of blood, they, on the contrary, have become capricious and difficult to maintain.

There is also a species of Endler’s guppy. The differences between endlers are much smaller in themselves, the males are not veiled, they are much more agile, the fry are less infected, but the fry themselves are larger and breed more often.

Top 10 Fish Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Sword-bearers / Molly / Pocile /

We will unite them in one group (swordtails / mollies / squares /), since they are very similar in behavior and content, although outwardly they are very different. Just like guppies, they are viviparous. And that means there will be no problems with the fry, he immediately swims, eats, hides.

They are very simply divorced, the principle is the same as that of a guppy. just keep the males and females together. They are very bright and mobile fish, you will not need to look for them to consider, on the contrary, they will always beg for food from you.

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They tolerate various conditions in the aquarium and forgive mistakes that beginners often make.

They eat all kinds of live, artificial, frozen feed. In general, they are similar to guppies in content, but outwardly larger, have a variety of color and body shape. As a precaution. do not buy a lot of male Swordtails in one aquarium, they can fight!

Danio rerio

Danio rerio is a small (up to 5-6 cm), elegant fish. For its small size, peaceful disposition and unpretentiousness, it has earned great popularity in aquarium.

Since this is a schooling fish, it is better to keep at least 5-6 individuals. The aquarium can be planted with plants, but it is important that the danios have free space to swim at the surface, as this is a very mobile fish.

If you are going to have a veil form, do not plant them with fish that may tear off fins, for example, with a Sumatran barbus. The aquarium should be closed, as danios can jump out of the water.

Omnivorous, they eat any kind of feed. artificial, live, frozen. It is better to feed them with flakes, as they pick up food from the surface of the water and they don’t collect them for a long time without sinking. It is very easy to breed danios, for once the female lays from 200 to 500 eggs.


This is a very small (2.5-3 cm) and very unpretentious fish. However, it is brightly colored, just divorced and completely non-aggressive, even the cardinals do not touch their fry.

They tolerate cold water, some even keep them in the summer in a pond in the yard. They love to move in the middle layers, and also like to gather in flocks. You need to keep them in small flocks, from 6 pieces. Although it is possible and large, with its modest size, the cardinals do not require large aquariums. With good content can live up to 3 years.


These are small, mobile, beautiful and pack catfish. There are many different types of corridors, but the most popular are speckled catfish and golden catfish.

All of them are similar in their behavior. living at the bottom, they are constantly looking for remnants of food, thereby cleaning the aquarium. They are very mobile, while remaining quite small, and carry the widest range of conditions.

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Any type of feed is suitable for feeding, but it is important to ensure that the feed falls to the bottom, and catfish do not stay hungry while other fish stuff their bellies.

It is best to feed the corridors with special food for catfish, they quickly sink, and falling to the bottom do not fall apart. It is better to keep the corridors in the flock, they like to live surrounded by relatives, and it is very interesting to watch them in the flock.

Wedge specks

Very beautiful and very small fish, which is perfect in the neighbors for all of the above fish. Grow up to 5 cm and very peaceful.

Beautiful coloring, on which a black spot stands out (for which it got its name), its small size and peaceful disposition made it very popular.

It is better to keep the cuneiform pack in a flock, and there should be enough free space in the aquarium for swimming.

The flock rasbor keeps together and very much decorates any aquarium. You can feed a variety of feeds, it is only important not to give large ones, as it simply cannot swallow them.


This is one of the most unusual fish that even an inexperienced aquarist can see.

Related to the creeper, it somehow resembles a small snake. But it is completely harmless, and quite durable. Acantoftalmus often hides during the day, and in order for him to feel comfortable he needs shelter and soft soil in which he likes to dig.

In soft ground, he is able to find and dig a buried moth, not to mention other feed.

If there is sand in the aquarium, it will be buried in it with pleasure. So it helps to keep the aquarium clean, eating everything that falls to the bottom. You can feed him with any sinking feed, but additionally pour feed for catfish, better at night.

Can escape from the aquarium, you need to cover it. The readers said that in the sand they could dig in stones, but I had never met with such a thing, mine definitely did not undermine anything.

Lyalius or marble gourami

Fishes belong to the same genus. labyrinth. These fish live in water that is poor in oxygen and adapted to this by learning to breathe oxygen from the surface. You will see how they rise to it, to take another breath of air.

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Small, peaceful, males are very brightly colored, and their ventral fins have turned into long processes. You can feed any feed, including floating. Only give the moth with care and a little, it is poorly digested.

Already after the publication of the article, my readers corrected. The essence. lilius can be complicated for beginners (he is just a little phlegmatic and jealous of females).

I agree, and add that there is another wonderful fish of the same kind. gourami. There are many types, but for beginners a good choice would be marble gourami. Very hardy, peaceful, of unusual shape and color.

It is generally similar to lyalius, but larger and less demanding. So you can stop at this gorgeous fish, and start up a little later.

Cherry Barbus

Peaceful, small fish, the males of which have a very bright color, for which they got their name. This is a schooling fish, so to keep a cherry barb is better from 5 pieces.

But you will notice that he keeps loosely, gathering in a flock only in case of fright. The size of the cherry barb is small, the color of the males is bright red and very noticeable, the requirements for the content are low. This is a good fish to mention on our list.


Perhaps this is the largest fish from the list, grows about 15 cm, if the aquarium allows. But he earned his popularity for his unusual appearance, for clearing the aquarium and his stamina. Antsistrus is a catfish, but catfish is unusual, it lives in nature due to the fact that it eats algae and fouling.

And his mouth turned into a suction cup, with which he scrapes it all. In the aquarium, he is a cleaner walls and decor.

The males have unusual growths on the head, making it very memorable. Peaceful, but with other males can arrange fights. For him, it is important vegetable food, you need to feed special pills.


Of course, this is an incomplete list, and after thinking it can be increased significantly. But the task was to acquaint beginner aquarists.

Beginners, I recommend first to learn all about the fish that you liked, and choose first of all hardy, easy-care, and peaceful fish that get along well with others in the general aquarium.

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