Tip 1 What Are The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Tip 1 What Are The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish

The most beautiful aquarium fish is not necessarily the most demanding in the content. Even beginning aquarists can easily cope with such breeds as guppies and Betta Fish.

Fish for beginners

Guppy. one of the most common and unpretentious fish. In a small aquarium with room temperature water, several pieces can be kept. Guppies feed on both dry and live food. To enhance the intensity of color sold special ready-made feed. The females of guppies are not particularly attractive, but the males are the pride of the breed. The females are larger, have a gray body and a slightly colored spotted tail of a rounded shape. In males, the color begins with the gill zone, often monophonic, sometimes the body of different colors turns into a colorful large tail. The most beautiful variety is fan-tailed guppies. Their tail fin is wide, swinging in the water like a fan. The color spectrum is huge: from bright orange to dark blue. The tail can be with a soft transition from one color to another, or black or colored spots of different shapes stand out against a bright background. Guppies are quite peaceful, they are more often the victims of the attack of active fish, because of which their beautiful tails suffer.

Betta Fish is another undemanding, but very beautiful breed of fish. It belongs to the labyrinth species. They do not need any additional lighting, heating or aeration. One fish can live in peace in 3 liters of water, it is unpretentious in food. Betta Fish is considered a betta fish, because males are always aggressive towards each other. Males are brightly colored, often in a single tone, sometimes radially turning into a lighter or darker. The colors of Betta Fish are varied, they are red, blue, white, yellow. Very beautiful "votaevy Betta Fish". This species has thin wide dorsal and caudal fins.

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According to Feng Shui, in order for goldfish to become talismans, there should be exactly seven of them in an aquarium.

Fish for experienced owners

One of the most beautiful and famous inhabitants of domestic and public aquariums is the goldfish. This representative of the Karasev family appeared thanks to the painstaking selection of Chinese and Japanese masters of the 7th century BC. Goldfish became the hero of fairy tales and a symbol of good luck and wealth in the art of Feng Shui. Fish require very large aquariums, because they themselves are quite large. up to 30 cm. Each fish needs 50 liters of water, temperature 20-25 ° C, aeration, filter. Goldfish is friendly, slow and very beautiful. There are golden, red, black, milky-white and pearl goldfish. More common monophonic, but there are spotty. The species of the voiletail is very impressive on the caudal fin, which is 5-6 times longer than the body. It is translucent and flutters like the thinnest gas fabric.

Very picky and unusually beautiful in its variety of bright colors of discus. They belong to the family of cichlids and have a round flat body, up to 20 cm in size. Their colors are of all colors of the rainbow, the brightest are lemon yellow, sky blue, bright orange, white with orange pattern. If you are in a bad mood and feel the discus color may vary. In the sick fish, the stripes disappear, in fright, it becomes brown, and excitement shows bright stripes. The discus lives at a very high temperature for other fish. 28-30 ° C, the water should be constantly updated and be very clean.

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